Available September 2010

With over 15 million career album and DVD sales around the world, Steve Vai will soon be adding to these figures with the release Live In Minneapolis: Where The Wild Things Are - Vinyl!





photo by Micheal Mesker


This package contains two colored 180 gram audiophile virgin vinyl LPs in a stunning full-color gatefold jacket. The double LP was specifically mixed and mastered through analog equipment to a 96kHz/24 bit digital format, the highest resolution audio experience of all the ''Live In Minneapolis: Where The Wild Things Are'' releases.








Performance Track List
Side 1:
1. Paint Me Your Face
2. Now We Run
3. Oooo
4. All About Eve

Side 2:
1. Building The Church
2. Tender Surrender
3. Angel Food

Side 3:
1. Fire Wall
2. Freak Show Excess

Side 4:
1. Gary 7
2. Treasure Island
3. Die To Live
4. Taurus Bulba

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