Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Brought to you by: guitar.com

It's almost that time of year again. Lots going on around the house, in school, at work - just about everywhere you turn. It's really a stunner when stores start playing holiday music before halloween has hit but that's just me. Anyhoo, we have some BIG plans slated for 2011 starting with a new Guitar Tab Generator. It's going to be a bit of a game changer so to speak. We have other features that we'll be releasing but we don't want to get in front of ourselves so the first thing you'll find up on the site that's new - is our new Guitar.com Store. This will be changing and growing as time goes by but we wanted to get something up and running with the impending holidays.

Also, in order to help us make some key decisions in the near future, we're asking our users if they wouldn't mind taking this 15 question survey. We'll send you a set of strings (acoustic or electric) for your time and energy. We appreciate you sticking around and hope to hear from you real soon!

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