New Beginner Lessons coming to Town

New Beginner Lessons coming to Town Brought to you by:

We hope you've all had a wonderful summer but now it's time for back to school, a change in the weather and making sure you practice as much as your available time will allow.

We recently struck a partnership with They've put together a beginngers lesson plan, to help with the very basics of the instrument, right on thru to the first few lessons. There is some very valuable information contained in these lessons. As players, we sometimes forget that starting out on guitar can be confusing and frustrating, if you're not familiar with the names and identities of different parts of the instrument. Some of the simpliest things for players are taken for granted, when you sit with someone who wants to play the guitar but hasn't taken a first strum as of yet.

So with that in mind, here is the first lesson for all you beginners. If you're an intermediate player or somewhat more advance, scan the site and do a search for other lessons. You'll find plenty to keep you busy.

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