Why am I Seeing This Page Instead of vanderbilly.com

  • We are in the final steps of migrating vanderbilly.com and forum.vanderbilly.com into the new Guitar.com and it is required for us to temporarily shut down the vanderbilly.com main site and forum during the actual switchover. This is temporary and as soon as the migration is complete, your previous vanderbilly.com and forum.vanderbilly.com account will be accessible on the new Guitar.com along with all of your old content. Thanks for your ongoing patience as we work through this migration.

We’re excited to announce the upcoming integration between Vanderbilly.com and the new Guitar.com

  • You already know Vanderbilly.com has a rich history of incredible generosity and amazing content from it’s users. Now we are taking that to the next level by combining the best of Vanderbilly.com with the new Guitar.com to create a simple yet beautiful interface that’s loaded with new and improved features, but still includes all the things about Vanderbilly.com that you love. The road ahead looks very exciting for us and we intend to focus heavily on instructional content and providing an unmatched resource center for gear.  Below are some of the changes you can expect right away: 

HD Video and Beautiful Photo Galleries:

  • All the great stuff you already know and love but now with:

  • Full HD support for the highest quality video and audio plus faster load times.

  • New maximum video file size up to 1GB, so no more editing for the small screen.

  • Optimised video serving allows for instant skipping from point to point within videos.

  • Drag and drop photos to create photo galleries and if they’re really cool, we’ll feature them.

  • You can add videos and create photo galleries from any mobile device or tablet.

Improved Community Features:

  • We’ve expanded and integrated the newly redesigned forum into every aspect of the site so you can:

  • Launch a discussion from almost any type of content on the site. Have a question about the video you just watched, click the “discuss” link and the forum is scanned for previous discussions. If none exist, a new thread is created and you simply type in your first comment. The content link (video, gallery, interview, etc.) is embedded in the thread for easy access for all users.

  • Discussions are happening right now and the topics are interesting, engaging and the demeanor is friendly and welcoming instead of nasty and divisive.

  • Users from all over the world are participating on our forums so come say hello to some old friends and make some new friends.

  • Help keep our site fresh and clean by reporting inappropriate content or behavior by clicking the "report" link on each page.

  • Make site suggestions by clicking the blue smiley face located on the far right side of every screen. (see below)

Exclusive Editorial Content:

  • In-depth interviews with your favorite artists.

  • News related to your favorite instrument and related gear, served fresh daily.

  • Browse our ever expanding list of your favorite Artists and discover some new ones.

Easier Than Ever to Contribute:

  • Start Contributing content today, right now. Create a profile, join the community and share things about yourself, your gear, your band, your interests and much more.

  • You can post videos of you or your band playing or share your skills with others.

  • You can also create photo galleries and share pics of the things that matter to you. 

Mobile Friendly:

  • The new Guitar.com features a fully responsive experience that looks beautiful on your desktop, but instantly conforms to your mobile device or tablet.

  • You will have full access and full control from your mobile device to do things like watch HD videos, view galleries, participate in the forum, follow users, favorite things, share stuff and even upload HD videos or create photo galleries from your mobile device or tablet.

Special Message to all Vanderbilly.com users:

  • This is a special shout out to all of the users who have shared things about themselves in our forum, in videos, and with photos. There have been incredibly touching and deeply personal stories shared throughout the years and obvious bonds have been formed across the U.S. and around the world. Users have shared very personal photos about not only their most cherished guitar or favorite car, but photos of their family members, those who are most dear to them and even their pets and vacation photos.

  • Over the years we’ve welcomed new users of all ages, seen members pass on, and the community has always responded with respect, support and overwhelming compassion. So an extra special thanks to all of the users who have participated throughout the years. You know who you are and you know how you've made a difference.

Technical Stuff: (you should probably read this part)

  • Very soon the new video notifications will be paused for up to a few days along with the ability to upload videos and post in the forum. We will do our best to get those functions back online as quickly as possible but this is necessary for us to ensure that no content is left behind. New user registrations will also be paused during this time but you will still have full access to view the forum and videos.

  • We are also giving existing Vanderbilly.com users exclusive priority to keep your existing username and password as we carefully integrate all of your existing content and user profile data into your new Guitar.com profile page. So your existing videos, photos, forum posts, welcome messages, friends, favorites and everything else will be waiting for you on the new Guitar.com. Just use your old username and password and you're in. No hoops to jump through, just start enjoying.

  • We’ll email you when the final integration is complete and will do our best to make the transition smooth but things happen. So if you have an issue, let us know and we’ll fix it.

  • It's not uncommon for caching issues to occur during a migration (caching is a technology that makes web sites load faster) so while we will be clearing the cache at our CDN, we strongly suggest you clear your local cache of any exisitng Vanderbilly.com content.  It's not mandatory but it would help to avoid potential caching issues.

  • Once things switch over, the first thing you should do is click the "login" link on the top right of Guitar.com, then login and start exploring.  

Thanks again for your continued support and we look forward to building an even stronger and more robust community with you -





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