Welcome to the New Guitar.com!

Welcome to the New Guitar.com! Brought to you by: guitar.com

It’s taken us the better part of 2010 to get to this point but we’re very excited about the changes you’ll find throughout the site. Let’s start with a few of the basics – for starters, the homepage will now highlight all the latest and greatest articles, videos, reviews and other current news segments we’ve unearthed. You may even find a blast from the past – where we highlight something that was so fascinating, we’ve brought it back for you to revisit, one more time.

The Discussion Forums –  The Discussion Forums have always been a popular place on Guitar.com.

Clearly one of the hotspots, we recently switched over to VBulletin as a means to clean up the backend of the site. However, we’ve rethought a few key elements and will be running two forums simultaneously. The purpose of this is to see which version the users like most – true democracy in action, so to speak.

There will also be gear reviews, video interviews and lessons along with a host of new features that we’ll be implementing shortly. We’re finalizing the licensing details for posting Guitar Tab along with an extra special feature that we can’t leak quite yet. Suffice it to say, it’ll make making Tabs 100 times easier!!!

So take some time to peruse the site. Please send us your comments, concerns, suggestions and recommendations – you can send them to: Editor@guitar.com

We read each and every one of your comments so please feel free to share your thoughts with us. Suggest an artist or an interview you’d like to see. Thanks again for stopping by Guitar.com!


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