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Fingerstyle guitar was not where he started out, but it is as one of the world’s pre-eminent fingerp
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Americana music enthusiasts and guitar tone freaks have been following Pete Anderson’s music and car
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Tech Talk by James Did you ever wonder what makes your favorite song sing to your ears and hear
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Over the past nine years, ThundHerStruck has risen through the ranks of L.A.
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This is the 2nd part in "Get a Real Job" - designed at helping musicians get a grip on what it takes
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Hello everyone, please sit back, grab a cold one, and enjoy the ride (read) Get a Real Job, an artic
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The contribution that Styx has made to rock and roll is irrefutable.
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Los Angeles, CA, July 2011 — BOSS is now shipping the MICRO BR BR-80 Digital Recorder, an updated an
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Participants can win products as part of social media campaignAlsip, Illinois, USA – June 2011 – Sin
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It was 1996 and Cake had gone the distance, into the loving arms of alternative rock stardom.
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Chili Pepper Extract John Frusciante's quirky guitar style never fails to provoke extreme react
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Formed in 1981, Soul Asylum emerged from the streets of Minneapolis into the mainstream spotlight in
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They are Motorhead and they play rock and roll.
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Read any article about a major session player and they'll eventually be asked about their vast colle
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Jeff Beck paid fitting Tribute to Les Paul last summer, celebrating what would have been the pioneer
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Paul Gilbert is a busy man, a very busy man indeed.
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Anyone who has dabbled in the world of punk rock music has undoubtably heard of Social Distortion an
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AmpKit 1.1 is a massive update to the powerful and highly acclaimed AmpKit guitar amps and effects a
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Last time we tracked an electric guitar in Garageband, using the on-board amps and effects.
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Recently, caught up with Martin Mendez of Opeth.
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This months’ installment of "10 THINGS" will engage the visitor in that age-old epic deba
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Few guitarists can boast the career highlights that Bruce Kulick can.
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Given the chance to be on MTV, playing your guitar, hitting that perfect rock star pose, searching f
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If hard work was all you needed to be successful in the music world, (hed) pe would have been on top
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Grammy Award recipients are often slagged for not being current enough, not relevant to today's musi
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Nickelback have quickly gained a reputation for penning insightful, ubiquitous rock anthems, and hav
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Guitarist John Lowery lives an interesting life. By day he is disciplined student of the guitar.
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With their most recent release Songs for the Restless (on Sony Music) out in stores already, Endo is
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It's been a little over 35 years since Peter Frampton broke onto the musical scene with that mod ban
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Stevie Ray Vaughan was unabashed in his admiration for Jimi Hendrix.