InterviewsJimmie Vaughan Interview
Smooth open position riffs and rich Hammond organ sounds define the laid back approach of one the mo
InterviewsAn Interview with Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity
Corrosion of Conformity has been around since before hardcore was hardcore.
InterviewsEric Johnson Interview - A Souvenir of the Past
So what's your favorite Eric Johnson recording? Ah Via Musicom? Too obvious. Alien Love Child?
InterviewsA Conversation with Richard Leo Johnson
On his 1999 solo guitar album Fingertip Ship (Metro Blue/Blue Note), self-taught fret-master Richard
InterviewsThe Evolution of the Scrungch Tim Mahoney of 311
I know. It sounds like a really good reason to take a bath.
InterviewsA Legend is Born: Eddie Van Halen's First Interview
Over the years, Eddie Van Halen has called this conversation "my first major interview." It took pla
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One could argue that Paul Reed Smith has become the name in guitars.True, Fender and Gibson are name
InterviewsTen Questions With Art Karamian When did you first start playing the guitar?
InterviewsJacques Stotzem Interview
Belgium is known the world around for it's truly extraordinary chocolates, it's stunning architectur
InterviewsAn Interview with Extreme's Gary Cherone
How can you forget "Extreme"? They were one of the most underrated bands of the '80s.
InterviewsIron Maiden - Dave Murray Interview
Like any soccer team, you have to field the best players, and the players to best complement each ot
InterviewsCarl Perkins: Rockin' Rebel Invents Rock Guitar
He's been hailed as the "Father of Rockabilly," and rightfully so.
ColumnsThe Lost Pentatonics
In a previous edition of this mighty column I've shown you diatonic scale patterns that cover the en
ColumnsThe Guitar Insider: Kirk Hammet's Metalligear
Ever the artiste, Kirk Hammett's affinity for the dark side directly influenced the line of KH2 axes
InterviewsCharlie Hunter Interview - Two-Fisted Guitar Hero
Charlie Hunter has been working the jazz scene, or at least its fringes, for a few years now.
ColumnsExpanding The Five Basic Chord Shapes
In my last column, I explained the five basic chord shapes.
ColumnsBuilding 7th & 9th Chords
If you read and understood my column titled Understanding Chords, Part 1: Major and Minor Chords you
ColumnsStrat Mod Number One: Democratic Tone and More Pickup Possibilities
Strats are great guitars for hot-rod electronics work. University Lesson 1
WELCOME STUDENTS to University. This course will introduce you to the world of guitar.
ColumnsHands & Heart Lessons #2 with Steve Vai
There are countless exercises you can do to increase your dexterity on the guitar.
ColumnsBuilding Major and Minor Chords
Hey you! Stop fumbling around on the guitar like a chimpanzee with a jigsaw puzzle.
ColumnsHands & Heart Lessons #3 with Steve Vai
Ear training is one of the most important and neglected aspects of being an effective musician.
ColumnsHands & Heart Lessons #1 with Steve Vai
There are countless exercises you can do to increase your dexterity on the guitar.
ColumnsUnlocking The Songs: Capo Up for Petty, Oasis, Crow and Stones
Welcome to Unlocking The Songs, a new column series in which well show you not just how to play the University - Lesson 3
At this point, you should know how to hold the guitar, proper left and right-hand position placement University - Lesson 2
In Lesson 1, I explained and demonstrated how to hold the guitar and how to employ the proper placem
RockAn Interview with Mark Wood of Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Normally, we save this column for actors, athletes, and other noted celebrities that make their livi
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Kramer, of course, was part of the MC5, the flying fist of sound that punched its way out of the Mot
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Bring up the name Steve Winwood, and most music fans immediately think piano and organ, not to menti
InterviewsAn Interview with Tom Scholz of Boston
Tom Scholz -- the guitarist, producer, chief songwriter and all-around leader of the band Boston --
InterviewsAn Interview Floyd Rose
If youre looking for an indicator of Floyd Rose's impact on the guitar world, look no further than t
InterviewsInterview with Robby Krieger of The Doors
Nowadays, nihilism and disaffection are commonplace in guitar rock.
InterviewsT-Bone Walker Interview- Bad to the T-Bone
Few blues records were made during World War II.
InterviewsSteve Hackett Interview - Genesis Part 1
The creative core and instrumental dexterity of the original Genesis had much to do with guitarist S