InterviewsTaproot - Looking a Gifthorse In The Mouth and Laughing All The Way
Most bands would be excited to hear from Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst.
InterviewsAn Interview with Ted Nugent
In the '70s, Nugent's relationship with his big hollow-body Gibson Birdland yielded some of his catc
InterviewsStereomud - Joey Z Interview
Though first-timers on the Jagermeister Tour, Stereomud are veterans of the nu-metal scene.
InterviewsTool - Aenima Magnetism
The alternative misfits in Tool are masters of mood and expression.
InterviewsStevie Ray Vaughan - The Way We Were
It's hard to believe now, but in his lifetime Stevie Ray Vaughan was an underdog.
InterviewsGene Parsons Talks About the B-Bender
Ever wonder who's the techno-mechanical brains behind those intriguing, tone-stretching B-Benders?
InterviewsThe Concept of Counterpoint - James Black of Finger Eleven
You may be thinking, "What the hell does this title, 'The Concept of Counterpoints', mean?" While ma
InterviewsAn Interview with Mike Rutherford of Genesis Part 2
Although he's known for playing bass guitar in Genesis, Mike Rutherford contributed many guitar pass
InterviewsSonny Landreth Interview - Tones and Tuning
The trio is sometimes considered the most raw and honest musical entity known to man.
InterviewsKerry King of Slayer - Mutilation, Atrocity and Death
A couple of exits before Disneyland in Anaheim, California exists the Slayer lair a large warehouse
InterviewsRitchie Blackmore Interview - Recalling Life with Deep Purple
Ritchie Blackmore's contributions to guitar rock began in the mid-'60s, when he performed sessions f
InterviewsQueens of the Stone Age - Homme on the Range
As the guitarist and principal songwriter for Kyuss in the early-to-mid 90s, Josh Homme preached a f
InterviewsRobben Ford - Blues Update
Sophistication. The term describes Robben Ford's music on a number of levels.
InterviewsNeil Young - More To The Picture Than Meets The Eye
If you ever meet anyone who can accurately predict what Neil Young is going to do next, ask them to
InterviewsAn Interview with Kim Thayil of Soundgarden
"We're just rock," gripes Soundgarden's resident grouch, Kim Thayil.
InterviewsPeter Case Interview - A Case of Integrity
 Peter Case sits in a diner on West 57th Street in New York City, and he's got one of those app
InterviewsRemembering Allen Woody - The Interview
In early March of 1999, Gov't Mule was in a Hoboken, New Jersey studio putting the finishing touches
InterviewsOtis Rush Interview - Trying to Make Those Sounds
It's hard to argue with Otis Rush when he says he's fortunate.
InterviewsA Conversation with Rob Wasserman
Rob Wasserman knows his bottom.
InterviewsNeal Schon Interview - Journey to the Stars
Greatest Hits Live from JourneyFew guitar players resumes are as deep and impressive as Neal Schons.
InterviewsInterview with Michael Amott of Arch Enemy
There is bound to be plenty of tedium and mediocrity in any musical genre, but there are a few bands
InterviewsPete Townshend - The Fine Art of Smashing Stuff
For nearly twenty years, The Who's brand of rock and roll defined a generation that screamed out ang
InterviewsAn Interview with Dimebag Darrell of Pantera
Lurking somewhere underneath Pantera's grizzled, gnarly exterior and behind its rampaging brand of r
InterviewsAn Interview with Sheryl Crow
Scattered around the world are a number of former University of Missouri frat boys agog at the idea
InterviewsNine Inch Nails - The Fragile Balance between Industry and Artistry
Ask Trent Reznor and he'll tell you: A lot of the music out there right now "just plain sucks." But
InterviewsAn Interview with Richard Lloyd
At some point in his illustrious career, Richard Lloyd might tell you, he became one with his guitar
InterviewsNirvana - The Kurt Cobain Interview
Back in 1990, Kurt Cobain's greatest problems were finding money for meals and time to write more so
InterviewsRed Hot Chili Peppers - West Coast Aftershock
Sequestered at Detroit's Hotel Atheneum the morning after a performance at Pontiac, Michigan's Clutc
InterviewsAn Interview with Mick Mars of Motley Crue
Loud Rude Aggressive Guitarist Available stated the classified ad that Mick Mars placed in an L.A.
InterviewsLimp Bizkit - Wes Borland Interview
It's hard to tell whether Limp Bizkit are the luckiest, the most opportunistic or the best new band
InterviewsAn Interview with Jim Hall and Pat Metheny
Pat Metheny is known to many as the quintessential jazz-lite band leader of the 80s and 90s.
InterviewsMarshall Crenshaw - The Power Behind Marshall Crenshaw's Guitar Driven Pop
In the early 80's, when new wave was starting to sound pretty old, some musicians opted for a more r
InterviewsKeith Richards Interview - The Great Rock 'N' Roll Circus
With the release of Keith Richards new book "Life" -we're reposting this great interview with Keith
InterviewsJonny Lang Interview - The Language of the Blues
An 18-year old with a screaming Telecaster and a sweet melodic voice, Jonny Lang currently weighs in
InterviewsMighty Mighty Bosstones - Nate Albert's Best and Last
Nate Albert has had the same job since he was 13: playing guitar for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
RockMarvelous 3 - Freed from the shackles of Indie Rock
"I used to be a gear junkie and have NASA behind me," says Marvelous 3 guitarist Butch Walker.