InterviewsAn Interview with Rodney Shepherd of Sugar Ray
There are a few things Sugar Ray's Rodney Shepherd is certain about: "I am not and never was Chaka f
InterviewsAn Interview with A.J. Dunning of The Verve Pipe
Following up a hit album often spells trouble.
InterviewsLong Beach Dub All Stars - High Times
Ras-1 is a big bearish guy who comes off like an amiable cross between Hank Hill's son, Bobby, and s
InterviewsMxPx Tom Wisniewski Interview
Pete Townshend better watch his back this summer when the Who hits the road.
InterviewsAn Interview with Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of Anthrax
Anthrax has hit the road once again, doing dates as One of the "Big Four" Tour - along with Metallic
InterviewsAerosmith's Joe Perry Interview
Miracles don't happen often these days, not the way they were said to have happened a couple thousan
InterviewsAn Interview with Jim Davies of Pitchshifter
Pitchshifter guitarist Jim Davies has a love-hate relationship with guitars.
InterviewsAn Interview with Jimmy Page
After playing a bunch of shows with Jimmy Page, the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson is happy to report
InterviewsAndy Summers - Every Little Thing He Does
Andy Summers changed the face of pop music with his heavily affected yet crisp playing during an all
InterviewsVertical Horizon - Vertical Thinking
It's a long haul from acoustic gigs on a tiny Washington D.C.
InterviewsStaind - Dysfunction Junction
Anyone familiar with Fred Durst knows he's no prude.
InterviewsSmashing Pumpkins - The Final Interview
Over the past few years, the Smashing Pumpkins have resembled a revolving door, with members going i
RockLenny Kaye - Through the Past Smartly
Though Lenny Kaye is best known as the guitar player for Patti Smith, he's remembered in other circl
InterviewsSteely Dan Interview - Against All Odds
In the history of 70s rock the guitar solos of Steely Dan loom large.
RockAn Interview with Andy Dunlop of Travis
On first listen, Travis might remind you a lot of Radiohead, but don't tune out.
InterviewsInterview with Max Cavalera of Soulfly
Intellects often confuse primitivism with stupidity, as if raw and barbaric sentiments were strictly
InterviewsVeruca Salt Interview - Break Up To Make Up
Success, it's been said, is the best revenge.
InterviewsDaron Malakian Interview - System of a Down
System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian is not a people person, and the fact that his band that ha
InterviewsJimmy Page and the Black Crowes Interview
It's not hard to imagine the Black Crowes fantasizing about touring with their longtime idol Jimmy P
InterviewsAn Interview with Ed Kowalczyk of Live
 If Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk is nervous about the release of his band's new record, The Dista
InterviewsAn Interview with Hubert Sumlin
Hubert Sumlin has invented a sack full of classic blues licks: the sliding, bending, chiming riffs t
Interviews John Connolly Interview of Sevendust
On his ninth birthday, John Connolly received his first guitar, a cheap little acoustic his parents
InterviewsAn Interview with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine
Sitting in a sushi dive on the unfashionable end of Melrose Avenue, Rage Against the Machine guitari
InterviewsInterview with Randy Torres of Project 86
The guys in Project 86 like to think big.
InterviewsPowerman 5000 - Adam 12 Interview
A lot of big things happened for Powerman 5000 in 1999.
InterviewsA Conversatin with Neil Young
Neil Young spent most of the '90s making noise -- lots of it.
InterviewsJorma Kaukonen Interview - Surrealistic Pillow Talk
Though Jorma Kaukonen's incendiary work in the Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna marks him as one of r
InterviewsInterview with Ryan Shuck of Orgy
Orgy were the first outfit signed to Korn's Elementree label, and co-guitarist Ryan Shuck relies on
InterviewsAn Interview with Dave Mustaine of Megadeth
 Now that Megadeth is back at it, we thought we'd dig this DM interview to rekindle your passio
InterviewsMuriel Anderson - Picking the Classics So you studied at the Old Town School, then attended DePaul University and studied class
InterviewsMetallica Jason Newsted Interview
By now the story of how Jason Newsted made the leap from pit to stage has become part of Metallica l
InterviewsAn Interview with Ty Tabor of King's X
In some ways, King's X is a lot like Rush, able to release album after solid album of songs that are
InterviewsSlipknot - Tangled Up In Blueagghh!
What began as a side project for a bunch of headbangers has mutated into a nine-member metal monstro
InterviewsPete Anderson Interview - Rockin' Roots
Pete Anderson has played lead and rhythm guitar on and produced every record by multi-platinum, Gram