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Too many 60's rock icons lost their vision somewhere along the path of excess and failed to arrive a
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Oasis spent the better part of the '90s wowing the world with old-school rock star bravado and wooin
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 Practicing guitar wizardry can be a very satisfying experience. Very demanding too.
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Fear not the adventurous life.
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In the five years since Slash started parting ways with Guns N' Roses he's followed his muse down va
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In 1983, just a few months before he joined Bon Jovi, guitarist Richie Sambora was in a practice roo
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When it comes to that jingle-jangle guitar chime so integral to the development of rock music, no on
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Few bands party like Nashville Pussy.
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He might live in a rather nice home on top of a very steep hill, but Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet
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Fu Manchu are as California-cool as they come.
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Ian Moore's Quest for Creation Bucking Labels, Breaking Ground, & the Man in BlackIf all you kne
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Since its first stirrings in Omaha, Nebraska more than ten years ago, 311 has skirted the fringes of
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Of all the guitarists slinging blues licks these days, Duke Robillard is perhaps the most comfortabl
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Dan Donegan is traversing the country in a Winnebago, a static-y cell-phone connecting the Disturbed
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Seated in the corner bar of New York City's Soho Grande Hotel, Bush vocalist and guitarist Gavin Ros
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Remember "Hey Man, Nice Shot," the 1995 industrial/metal suicide song that sent Filter rocketing up
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Billy Sheehan is one of the most celebrated bassists of the past two decades.