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ColumnsThe Efficient Guitarist - Part V - Mad About Modes
Mad About Modes: Lydian  We’re back to talk about modes, and this month, it’s one of my favorit
ColumnsThe Efficient Guitarist - When I Quit the Guitar
Preface: before I get back to the series "Mad About Modes" I took a slight diversion for a technique
ColumnsThe Efficient Guitarist - My Left Hand Epiphany
A few months ago, I disavowed technique all together.
ColumnsMad About Modes - Part III: Mixolydian Continued
Let's try to finish off the Mixolydian mode.
ColumnsMad About Modes - Part II: Want vs. Need
by Marc SchonbrunLast lesson, we talked a bit about how to demystify modes by looking at them as tie
ColumnsThe Efficient Guitarist - Part I - Mad About Modes
I’m mad. I’m mad because modes are greatly misunderstood. I’m mad because modes are amazing.
LessonsThe Efficient Guitarist - Pot Luck
Pot Luck Welcome to my first lesson/column for!