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ColumnsJohn Frusciante: Give It Away
Chili Pepper Extract John Frusciante's quirky guitar style never fails to provoke extreme react
ColumnsJerry Cantrell: Man In The Box
Degradation Trip Throughout the early nineties, metal fans looked to Jerry Cantrell and Alice I
ColumnsFrank Zappa: Burnt Weenie Sandwich
Any "music afficianado" who thinks of themselves as being well rounded but doesn't have, at the very
ColumnsMark Tremonti: Higher
There aren't many success stories in Rock as dazzling as the rise to stardom of Creed in the late 19
ColumnsJon Buckland: In My Place
In the last two years, Coldplay has gone from an obscure band from the UK to a worldwide phenomenon.
RockAn Interview with Joel Kosche of Collective Soul
In 2001, Collective Soul fired their longtime guitarist, Ross Childress, and the band’s guitar tech
ColumnsTale of the Tape - The Sound Of One-Hand Tracking
I spend most of my time in my studio doing everything by myself – engineering, playing guitar, mixin
LessonsS.A.T.O. Wizardry
Born 1956 in Santa Monica, Randy Rhoads’ technical wizardry elevated him to the status of Guitar God
InterviewsThrice- No Identity Crisis Here
 We've all heard the phrase "To be or not to be." That famous Shakespearian line demonstrates s
InterviewsInterview with Eli Parker of Endo
With their most recent release Songs for the Restless (on Sony Music) out in stores already, Endo is
InterviewsTaproot- Mike DeWolfe Interview
Having the dubious distinction of being the band that turned and 'bit the hand' of Fred Durst, made
Interviews10 Questions with Todd Whitener – Tantric Hey Todd, how goes it?Todd Whitener: Not too bad, man.
InterviewsSonny Landreth Interview - Tones and Tuning
The trio is sometimes considered the most raw and honest musical entity known to man.
InterviewsJohn Oates - Phunk Shui
Phunk Shui may have been a playful way of announcing to the world the sound and style of his first-e