GearUS Music Corp Announces Sale of Eden Bass Amps to Marshall Amplification plc
December 2011 - US Music Corp announced today that they have sold their Eden Bass Amplification busi
NewsMarshall USA Launches On-line Swag Store
Chicago, IL— August, 2011- Marshall USA, in collaboration with Sullivan Group, is proud to announce
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While many bands cling to their “signature sound” like a baby to a warm blanket, it takes a band lik
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In constant pursuit of that ever evasive tone, we're speaking with musicians, manufacturers, invento
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It was 1996 and Cake had gone the distance, into the loving arms of alternative rock stardom.
ColumnsJerry Cantrell: Man In The Box
Degradation Trip Throughout the early nineties, metal fans looked to Jerry Cantrell and Alice I
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The Dropkick Murphys are a working man’s band.
InterviewsAn Interview with Phil Campbell of Motorhead
They are Motorhead and they play rock and roll.
InterviewsInterview with Paul Gilbert
Paul Gilbert is a busy man, a very busy man indeed.
News2011 NAMM in Review - Part 3
Anaheim, CA - January 2011 - It's Saturday and this is the big day.
GearAlfred Music Publishing Distributes Book on the History of the Marshall Bluesbreaker Amp
Los Angeles, CA—September 2010 - Alfred Music Publishing, the leader in educational music publishing
InterviewsBruce Kulick Discusses Gear and Recording
Few guitarists can boast the career highlights that Bruce Kulick can.
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Few bands wield the raw power and intensity of Slayer - the group which set the standard for speed m
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It's been written: Never judge a book by its cover.
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Guitarist John Lowery lives an interesting life. By day he is disciplined student of the guitar.
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It's been a little over 35 years since Peter Frampton broke onto the musical scene with that mod ban
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Procol Harum's self-titled 1967 debut album featuring the hit "Conquistador," and more importantly,
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Guitarist/songwriter Richard Patrick and his band Filter are currently on the road in support of the
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How can you forget "Extreme"? They were one of the most underrated bands of the '80s.
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Melody is all-important to the members of Tonic.
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Introducing Michael Kaye - he has served as a touring technician for the past 30 years.
InterviewsYes, Scott Spiezio of the Seattle Mariners Plays Guitar
 Scott Spiezio won the 2002 World Series while a member of the Anaheim Angels.
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Whether you're familiar with his name or not, more than likely you've heard his exceptional guitar t
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The alternative misfits in Tool are masters of mood and expression.
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Regarded as one of the very best players to emerge from the 80's, Yngwie Malmsteen raised the bar fo
InterviewsPointed Return - An Interview with Tommy Victor of Prong
I wonder how many people that will read this used to watch Headbanger's Ball?
InterviewsJoe Satriani Interview - Satch-urated!
In the mid 80's, Joe Satriani was one of the first primarily instrumental rock artists to break thro
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Phunk Shui may have been a playful way of announcing to the world the sound and style of his first-e
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Proof that nothing ever stays the same: The leaves are falling off the trees in my yard, and though
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Drowning Pool has faced one of the hardest tests a group can ever be put through.
InterviewsStaind - Dysfunction Junction
Anyone familiar with Fred Durst knows he's no prude.
InterviewsAn Interview with Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of Anthrax
Anthrax has hit the road once again, doing dates as One of the "Big Four" Tour - along with Metallic