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Andy Timmons came blazing out of the hot Texas sun as a member of Danger, Danger, low those many yea
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Degradation Trip Throughout the early nineties, metal fans looked to Jerry Cantrell and Alice I
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If hard work was all you needed to be successful in the music world, (hed) pe would have been on top
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Grammy Award recipients are often slagged for not being current enough, not relevant to today's musi
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 When you think of Bakersfield, CA, most guitarists might say that infamous "Bakersfield Sound"
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The San Francisco Bay area has long harbored a healthy blues scene, due in part to the open-minded h
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Having the dubious distinction of being the band that turned and 'bit the hand' of Fred Durst, made
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Guitarist/songwriter Richard Patrick and his band Filter are currently on the road in support of the
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 In a world where everyone feels overly compelled to label something, pigeon-hole it for no oth
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Now that Limp Bizkit's popularity is soaring, guitarist Wes Borland is being hailed as one of the mo
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They say that greatness begets greatness.
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I wonder how many people that will read this used to watch Headbanger's Ball?
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Kittie began innocently enough in 1997, when four high school girls decided to pick up instruments a
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"I used to be a gear junkie and have NASA behind me," says Marvelous 3 guitarist Butch Walker.
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Good Charlotte came together in 1996, when five high school friends from Maryland picked up instrume
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Listening to radio these days one thing immediately becomes crystal clear: Hard music is in its prim
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Progressive rock fans know John Petrucci as one of the leading figures in techno-guitar mastery.
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When they think about Bush, most people don't immediately conjure images of shaven-haired guitarist