ColumnsConcerts: Jeff Beck Live in Chicago
Jeff Beck has been out on the road through much of the U.S. the past month.
ColumnsRecording: The Guitarist’s Guide to the Pro Tools Home Studio
By Adam St JamesThere are plenty of us guitarists who dabble in home recording, to various degrees.
ColumnsNew DVDs: Histories of L.A. Rock Scene; Stevie Ray Vaughan
There’s always a lot of new books, DVDs, and other guitar-related media showing up on the ‘net and o
ColumnsGuest Column: Gettin' Crazy at SXSW
Our guest columnists Jarod Hadaway and Matt Cannon from Zivix recently took a little trip to SXSW wi
ColumnsPick 6: Bizarre eBay Guitar And Accessory Auctions
Yeah, we like to surf around looking for a good deal on music gear just as much as anyone else.
ColumnsSix Bizarre eBay Guitar And Accessory Auctions
Yeah, we like to surf around looking for a good deal on music gear just as much as anyone else.
ColumnsNew Gear: Wireless “Jack” is First Wi-Fi Guitar Transmitter
Guitar players have had wireless options for decades, but a new device out of Scotland is about to c
ColumnsNew Gear: Gretsch Bono (RED) Signature Model Guitar
U2 frontman Bono has once again teamed up with Gretsch Guitars to release a signature model guitar,
ColumnsNew Gear: A Little Thunder Pickups
Octave pedals have been around since the beginning of time, right?
Columns4 Best Guitar's for playing Reggae
I believe that 95% of your sound comes from your fingers, so you can get a good reggae sound fr
ColumnsGram Parsons - A Fallen Angel
He was a Byrd, a Flying Burrito Brother, and a Fallen Angel; a singer, guitarist, songwriter, and a
ColumnsMusic on the iLife
Tech Talk by James Did you ever wonder what makes your favorite song sing to your ears and hear
ColumnsMastering Shouldn't be done in your Basement
Here's another of my recording related rants.
ColumnsThe Efficient Guitarist - Part V - Mad About Modes
Mad About Modes: Lydian  We’re back to talk about modes, and this month, it’s one of my favorit
Columns10 Things - Musical Instruments
10 Things - Instruments that Guitarists can pick up on with a degree of ease!!As guitarists, we’ve t
ColumnsGET A REAL JOB - Part 2
This is the 2nd part in "Get a Real Job" - designed at helping musicians get a grip on what it takes
ColumnsGet a Real Job
Hello everyone, please sit back, grab a cold one, and enjoy the ride (read) Get a Real Job, an artic
ColumnsThe Efficient Guitarist - When I Quit the Guitar
Preface: before I get back to the series "Mad About Modes" I took a slight diversion for a technique
ColumnsIt’s called gaff, gaffer, gaff, gaffa and even duct tape
It’s called gaff, gaffer tape, gaff tape, gaffa tape and even mistakenly referred to as (shriek) duc
ColumnsTime To Go - Rhythmic Ear Training
At the 2011 Austin Vintage Guitar Show during SXSW, I was digging through a pile of old Hit Parader&
ColumnsThe Efficient Guitarist - My Left Hand Epiphany
A few months ago, I disavowed technique all together.
ColumnsJohn Frusciante: Give It Away
Chili Pepper Extract John Frusciante's quirky guitar style never fails to provoke extreme react
ColumnsJimmy Page: Ten Years Gone
Featured chord is an open Fma13/A.
ColumnsJerry Cantrell: Man In The Box
Degradation Trip Throughout the early nineties, metal fans looked to Jerry Cantrell and Alice I
ColumnsFrank Zappa: Burnt Weenie Sandwich
Any "music afficianado" who thinks of themselves as being well rounded but doesn't have, at the very
ColumnsMark Tremonti: Higher
There aren't many success stories in Rock as dazzling as the rise to stardom of Creed in the late 19
ColumnsJon Buckland: In My Place
In the last two years, Coldplay has gone from an obscure band from the UK to a worldwide phenomenon.
ColumnsGetting a Great Guitar Tone presents, The Tone Chain: This will be an on-going series of interviews revealing the sec
ColumnsMic Review: Sennheiser e609 Silver
I picked up a pair of these [I always buy in pairs for stereo work] at my local store's annual clear
ColumnsFaux-tique Guitars
Read any article about a major session player and they'll eventually be asked about their vast colle
ColumnsThe Downsides of Today's Music Industry
I wrote last time of how easy it is to get your music heard.
ColumnsLunchbox amp heads are the future of guitar playing.
You've seen them - from the single knob epiphone Valve Junior to the full eq on a BlackHeart Little
ColumnsEKO Releases 700 Anniversary Guitar
EKO - The most beautiful 'triple cutaway' of all time – with diamond shaped position dots as feature
ColumnsPaul Gilbert and the new DiMarzio Injector Pickup
 Staten Island, NY - DiMarzio - We first heard about Paul Gilbert in the 1980s.
ColumnsThe Hoyer Guitar Collection
January 2011 - Autumn of 2010 saw the successful launch in the U.S.
ColumnsMadarozzo Advanced Guitar Architecture
January 2011 - Autumn 2010 saw the successful launch in the U.S.