the_wylde_one 2011-05-14 - 9:20pm

damn, wish I had some spare cash around

I found a very nice Gibson Les Paul for sale this week on Kijiji.

It's a 2008 guitar of the month, only 1000 made. The guitar comes from the factory with a set of burstbuckers and a pair of P-90's and you don't have to do any soldering to make the swap. There's a couple of panels in the back and you pop out one set (or one pickup if you want to mix and match) and then pop in the others. It looks sweet too. Appears to be some sort of limited run of a Les Paul Studio variation.

I'm planning to make a pitch to my wife about how since this guitar is a limited edition it might make for a worth while investment guitar. Seems like a good deal to me at $1550. The seller is also throwing in a solid state Vox practice amp. While I'm sure it will still get occasional play, being the 3rd guitar in my home, it may not see much use anyway as I barely get the chance to play the ones I have.

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