Telegib 2013-03-25 - 8:18am

Fender Deville 212 III questions

I just aquired a Fender Deville 212, 60 watts. Loud beast.
The tone is awesome but it's loud. Too loud to actually use. I'm lucky if I can raise it to 2 because 2 starts to blow the drummer away. Unfortunately, you can't get the real tube tone at such low need to crank the master to saturate the tubes for best tone.

Thats not gonna happen at home, on stage or even at a large outdoor venue with this amp ! The stage volume is too loud to be used this way !

I've read about different attenuators that can be used to reduce the power signal. I've also read that you can re-tube the amp with 12AU7's instead of 12AX7's to reduce the amount of power. I've even read that by doing the attenuator, you can reduce the wattage from 60 watts down to 25-30 watts, but I've also read that your tone also suffers and your overall "sound" changes.

>>>Let me add that I placed a Boss GE-7 EQ and a BBE Sonic Stomp in the effects loop and dialed more EQ to taste, then lowered the overall level on the EQ, and then pushed my master volume on the amp up....this worked but I still can not get the master volume up enough to really drive the tubes.

Can anyone offer me some advice or would be most appreciated.



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