rangemaster 2011-11-05 - 5:43pm

Goya Rangemaster

I once owned a Goya Rangemaster psychodelic. This was during the late '60s to early '80s. How could I know that it might well have been one of a kind? If you google Goya Rangemaster and see the pic of the orange/yellow hollow body in it's blue case that was my guitar. I sold it for about $400 to help with tuition. The only other picture I have seen of a Rangemaster like mine is the one of Jimi Hendrix playing one backstage somewhere. Does anybody out there know anything about these guitars? How many were made? Where the are? I know I could probably never afford one again but...I guess I just want to suffer some more or something. I would love to see some pics of the psychodelics. There were three different patterns based certain colors. At the same time I had a '61 Strat I also sold for next to nothing. Anyway, I'd love to hear anything about these guitars.

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