eds1275 2012-01-21 - 10:58am

How do you do your mixes?

Lately I've been mixing a little differently. Before it was mix the session as it records and tweak it when it's done - so far it's worked out okay, a few mixes have really shone I think because of that raw feeling. My mixes were for the most part gritty and very "live" feeling, though of course not in a bad way.

So my new "method" if you want to call it that, is more about starting with the kick, snare and the lead voice. Get those loud and up front and then fill in the cracks with the bass/guitars/keys. My mixes sound more crisp and polished this way, admittedly because I'm not running out of headroom by mixing a wall of guitars early on... but that's the guitar player in me I suppose!

Another issue I've been having is some imperfections in my control room. The back of the wall has this gaping hole where I planned to build a diffuser but as many of us have felt this year, money is tight when times are bad. Once I add some bass traps in behind the monitors and a diffuser at the back wall I'll be ready to do some audio tests again. I am trying to get away from using a bunch of foam in my studio so that's why currently there is only one piece up in the vocal booth.

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