evilizac 2012-12-03 - 8:53am

Method for Learning to Play Well With a Second Guitar Player

Greetings, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good book to give a beginning guitar playing friend so we can learn to play well with each other.
I a generally a bassist but want to pick up more guitar skills, to get out of the rut of waiting for my next band, (I call this frustrated sideman syndrome). . . Trying to work with a friend to meld something like an indie rock/folk/garage Keef/Mick T. type of guitar report. . . He's a big George Harrison fan, and I like messy VU type music, but I just want us to be able to do more than just strum off pattern from each other.
So a book, or other ideas (good beginning songs or what not). . . Just want to be in an interesting band and write some easy fun songs together.

Maybe just pissing in the wind (to quote Neil Young). . .

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