10MM1 2011-08-24 - 1:04pm

My intro

I just joined the forum (again) and I figured I'd say hello.

I used to be on JDBluesville and before that was an old g.com member (2000-2004 era). I noticed Bluesville went down and figured I'd join something again.

So I'll start this in classic ESP guitar forum fashion I'll drop some info on my gear and what I do.


Gibson Les Paul studio (alpine white, probably a 2003 model)
Epiphone Olympic (old pre-gibson acoustic, no I haven't gotten it appraised)


Fender Roc-pro 700 (it sits in a room, I don't play it anymore)


Line 6 Pod XT Live

I don't play in a band. I jam a little bit here and there and I'm starting to learn the piano. I do a little bit of recording now and then for some flash video games and I also try and record covers just for practice.

I imagine I'll be on again soon, so I'll talk at you all later.

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