the_wylde_one 2011-09-19 - 12:26am

My Wife Is Amazing

In about a week I will be having an attack of Spousal Assisted G.A.S.

My wife so badly wanted to go on a trip to Toronto to shop at the designer boutiques on the Bloor St area that when I voiced concern that I wanted to wait until I could afford to do some shopping of my own she offered to pay for what I was after. :o

So in about a week I'm going to be the proud owner of a new strat. :)

I can't wait to get up there and get my opportunity to go through all those music stores and find my ultamate strat. I've narrowed it down to a '87 Strat Plus I found online with one of the vintage shops in the area, or a Clapton Signature or a Beck Signature or an American Deluxe.

The American Deluxe can be found anywhere but the Clapton and Beck models are not so easy to track down but I think I found a store that has them in stock.

I suspect the '87 Strat Plus is going to be the best value as it is one of the first production models to be made in USA after CBS sold the company to the current owners making it a bit of a historic piece. It was also the first year that the Strat Plus variation was produced as well as the first production model to have Lace Sensor pickups, a roller nut, locking tuners and the TBX tone control which I'm sure is on the current American Deluxe along with the S1 Switching system. The only difference between the Plus and the 90's Beck model is the TBX control and the only differnces between it and the 80's/90's Clapton models is the roller nut on the Plus and the addition of an active mid boost on the Clapton.

Of course the newer Beck/Clapton models no longer have Lace Sensors; but if they feel and sound as nice as I'm expecting, I may just spend the extra money for a brand new guitar despite my expectation that the Strat Plus is soon going to become one of the most sought after models since the pre-CBS era.

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