eds1275 2011-10-03 - 8:19pm

New Gibson Les Paul... BASS!

Well there's a whole story about this situation. It all started Canada Day when I was in the capital of BC, Victoria, for the celebrations. Mostly so I could drink. I popped in L&M, and on the wall was a used Gibson Les Paul bass with a price tag of only $899! I wanted it soooo bad but thought I would get the beat down from my fiance, and decided against it. This particular model is around $1900 new, so this was a smokin deal.

...turns out I got the beat down anyways... I told her about it and she was all like "Where is it? You didn't buy it!?!?!?!? Are you retarded or something!?!?!!?"

I went back to Vic 4 times a few weeks ago, because I was working at the Rifflandia festival [www.rifflandia.com] and knowing that the bass was still there was a mouth-watering temptation. Unfortunately I didn't get a break and never managed to make it down there. Even though I could have called the store and had it shipped to me I didn't.

Then, today I wanted to check out the new L&M location down the block from me. There isn't much left in this world that I want to buy, partly because I'm easily satisfied and partly because I spoil myself. Anyways, I wanted some strings for my acoustic. I was at the long line at the till so I thought I'd peek at the basses while the line up worked itself out. There was a Gibson Les Paul bass - $625, with hard shell case. I was thrilled. Bring it up to the till - "October means zero percent financing for a year!" Huzzah! I told the guy I'd leave the strings because I shouldn't be spending so much anyways and I left them on the counter. I got a free gift of a Gibson G-Carekit [polishing kit with strap, retails for $35] for buying a Gibson thismonth [that's the promotion for Yorkville month apparently].

When I got it home, I opened the case... and the dude had thrown the pack of acoustic guitar strings in there. They weren't on the receipt. Long and McQuade have over the past few years lost their rep for outstanding service. It's awkward to go into a store and see a bunch of hippies and rockers wear suits, and even worse when those guys are let go for some minimum wage working young adults telling you that their Behringer mixer is better than the Midas I use at work. It seems to me that L&M is bringing the good guys back into the fold because this last visit the service was excellent and the staff knowledgeable.

------ I know what you're thinking! "No pics, no bass!"

Enjoy the pic, I'm going to be enjoying the thunderous tone out of this bad boy for the next 5 hours!

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