eds1275 2011-06-27 - 11:21am

Pedal Effects!

I have always been a straight up guitar/amp kind of guy. It just works for me very well. I have been slowly amassing pedals over the years, mostly broken ones that I've fixed. And people are getting on my case to use them as they are just kind of "on display" along a window sill.

For effects I have usually just had a little delay for my leads from either a TC Electronic G-Force or G-Major. But even those have been sitting unused for quite some time.

So now I'm getting ready to get these pedals out and play them to death. I have:
DOD Juice Box
DOD Wah/Volume
Yamaha CH-10MII stereo chorus
Dunlop Crybaby
Snarling Dog's Whine O Wah+
Peavey Hotfoot

There's more in a box somewhere.

What do you guys use? Any tips on using effects for someone who's played a lifetime of simple setups?

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