hetjr 2011-08-05 - 8:35am

Q & A Time

These are serious questions and are not meant to be condescending at all.

1. With all the other guitar websites out there (like Ultimate Guitar, Harmony Central, etc) what was the reasoning for creating a whole new site from scratch instead of working off the old design and fixing those flaws? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to bury the old site and have to start at the bottom against already well established communities. Guitar these days is pretty much a niche demographic, it seems. I get the whole idea for creating a site based off of user contributions? But without drawing users off of other sites, i don't see how its possible. People aren't flocking to guitar websites like they were in 1998. But if they were, they'd probably go to a place where the last posts weren't days, weeks, months.... or in some cases up to a year old.

2. Does guiter.com plan to continue with this design or other "improvements" in the works?

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