ibzRG 2011-07-17 - 11:42am

tab library: commenting and quality control

This post has two points to make:

a] Is anyone checking the tabs to see if they sound at least similar to what they are supposed to represent? I saw something that is supposed to be the main riff to smoke on the water, but catchy as it may be in its own right, it is by no means even remotely similar to the riff. Having users create the content is one thing. Allowing garbage like that to put off the people using these tabs, is probably not in G's best interests. If you are not going to do it, provide means for users to flag nonsense tabs.

b] The commenting function is bust. I wanted to comment on said tab and this is what I got:

"Could not post comment. Did you write anything before pressing Post? Are you logged in?"

Needless to say I was logged in and had typed in a reply. And when I navigated away back to the G home:

"Comment: unauthorized comment submitted or comment submitted to a closed post ."

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