InterviewsMichael Schenker Interview: German Guitar God
Some rock legends are made as much by off-stage antics as by abilities on an instrument.
InterviewsScott Gorham Interview: Black Star Riders’ Thin Lizzy Redux
It’s a long road from sunny Southern California, to foggy ol’ London town.
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The crowd at a String Cheese Incident show almost never stops dancing.
InterviewsJoe Perry Interview: Aerosmith Guitarist Talks Guitars, Gear & More
He wanted to be a marine biologist, like his hero Jacques Cousteau, but got sidetracked playing guit
InterviewsJames J.Y. Young Interview: Styx Still Rockin’
There was an old music industry saying that prophesied doom for those without recent chart success.
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Once in a great while, the actual tone of the guitar on a particular recording becomes almost as leg
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He was already living a pretty adventurous life before the success his band American Authors has had
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A Rock and Roll life can certainly have its twists and turns.
InterviewsKix Interview: Brian “Damage” Forsythe Celebrates the Return of Kix
 It was a heady, delicious time for six stringers and their instruments.
InterviewsBill Frisell Interview: Rock Guitar, Jazz Atmosphere
 Bill Frisell’s guitar playing often imitates the way he speaks: carefully, sometimes hesitantl
Interviews7Dust Interview Pt. 2: Clint Lowery Goin' Heavy
You can play a whole lot of shows in 18 months on the road.
InterviewsGreg Howe Interview: Still Shreddin’ After All These Years
I don't remember how I first became aware of Greg Howe, way back in the late-'80s or early '90s.
InterviewsBilly Morrison Interview: Billy Idol's Multi-Media Maverick
 Creativity can be a funny thing. Some days you got it, some days you don’t.
InterviewsSmashing Pumpkins Interview: Billy Corgan Talks About New Album
Smashing Pumpkins are releasing a new album, Monuments to an Elegy, December 9.
InterviewsStanley Clarke Interview: School Days Revisited for Bass Legend
“School Days” has come full circle for Stanley Clarke.
InterviewsBilly Sheehan Interview: Mr. Big, Winery Dogs, Steve Vai, and More
I remember the buzz going around my fellow Southern Californian musicians -- especially bass players
InterviewsPete Huttlinger Interview: He Shall Overcome
Overcoming obstacles in your guitar playing is something we all struggle with.
InterviewsRichie Kotzen Interview: Essentially Calm, Cool, and Collected
It’s all about the guitar. Or at least it started that way.
InterviewsSteve Khan Interview: Latin Jazz Guitar in Good Hands
Jazz guitar mixes very nicely with congas and timbales, it turns out.
InterviewsPaul Gilbert Interview: The Voice of His Guitar
Absolutely mind blowing. He’s been absolutely mind-blowing on the fretboard since he was a teenager.
InterviewsJonny Lang Lesson and Interview
Jonny Lang: Shreddin’ Sophisticate Sophistication is not always a musical trait associated with
InterviewsJudas Priest Interview: Glenn Tipton on Redeemer of Souls
Indestructible. That's as good a definition for the band Judas Priest as any.
InterviewsA Conversation with Greg Koch
Just in the past three days, as this article is being written, guitarist Greg Koch shot and posted a
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Fingerstyle guitar was not where he started out, but it is as one of the world’s pre-eminent fingerp
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Americana music enthusiasts and guitar tone freaks have been following Pete Anderson’s music and car
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Richard Patrick’s sound is rooted in the heavy industrial style where he started out playing with le
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Since resuming recording and touring activities in 1993 after a 19-year hiatus from the road, Steely
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Over the past nine years, ThundHerStruck has risen through the ranks of L.A.
RockAndy Timmons - Sgt. Peppers Redux
Andy Timmons came blazing out of the hot Texas sun as a member of Danger, Danger, low those many yea
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Frank Gambale may not be a household name in the traditional sense but for those of us that have bee
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Candlebox recorded their debut self-titled album in Seattle in 1993 following a wave of grunge succe
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The contribution that Styx has made to rock and roll is irrefutable.
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While many bands cling to their “signature sound” like a baby to a warm blanket, it takes a band lik
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In the world of melodic death metal, you'd be hard pressed to find a more influential band than Arch