RockAndy Timmons - Sgt. Peppers Redux
Andy Timmons came blazing out of the hot Texas sun as a member of Danger, Danger, low those many yea
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Candlebox recorded their debut self-titled album in Seattle in 1993 following a wave of grunge succe
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It was 1996 and Cake had gone the distance, into the loving arms of alternative rock stardom.
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Formed in 1981, Soul Asylum emerged from the streets of Minneapolis into the mainstream spotlight in
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In 2001, Collective Soul fired their longtime guitarist, Ross Childress, and the band’s guitar tech
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The San Francisco Bay area has depth, and not just in the ocean deep or championship sports teams.
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Billy Gibbons is on the other end of the telephone, and there's a long, pensive moment of silence be
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Normally, we save this column for actors, athletes, and other noted celebrities that make their livi
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My association with rippin' guitarist Vic Johnson and slammin' bassist Mona, members of Sammy Hagar'
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Tom Scholz -- the guitarist, producer, chief songwriter and all-around leader of the band Boston --
RockInterview with Mike McCready of Pearl Jam
It's early 1994, and Mike McCready is pissed.
RockMarvelous 3 - Freed from the shackles of Indie Rock
"I used to be a gear junkie and have NASA behind me," says Marvelous 3 guitarist Butch Walker.
InterviewsMighty Mighty Bosstones - Nate Albert's Best and Last
Nate Albert has had the same job since he was 13: playing guitar for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
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His legacy is virtually unparalleled.
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Phunk Shui may have been a playful way of announcing to the world the sound and style of his first-e
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All it took was a two-week stint as an instrument sales clerk, and John Jorgenson knew what he wante
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During the most recent World Guitar Congress held in Towson, Maryland, we caught up with one of our
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Ras-1 is a big bearish guy who comes off like an amiable cross between Hank Hill's son, Bobby, and s
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On first listen, Travis might remind you a lot of Radiohead, but don't tune out.
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Though Lenny Kaye is best known as the guitar player for Patti Smith, he's remembered in other circl
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There are a few things Sugar Ray's Rodney Shepherd is certain about: "I am not and never was Chaka f
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Suburban boredom has been a dynamic force in American culture.
RockThe Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Rhapsody
The Dandy Warhols are one of those bands that were born under a bad sign.
RockKenny Olson - Twisted Brown Trucker Band
They say the devil makes work for idle hands to do, but the horned one will find himself sorry out o
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Miracles don't happen often these days, not the way they were said to have happened a couple thousan
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Following up a hit album often spells trouble.
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Few bands party like Nashville Pussy.
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Matchbox Twenty rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor has the nonstop patter of a Catskills comedian, while l
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Oasis spent the better part of the '90s wowing the world with old-school rock star bravado and wooin
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Seated in the corner bar of New York City's Soho Grande Hotel, Bush vocalist and guitarist Gavin Ros