RockAndy Timmons - Sgt. Peppers Redux
Andy Timmons came blazing out of the hot Texas sun as a member of Danger, Danger, low those many yea
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Frank Gambale may not be a household name in the traditional sense but for those of us that have bee
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Candlebox recorded their debut self-titled album in Seattle in 1993 following a wave of grunge succe
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The contribution that Styx has made to rock and roll is irrefutable.
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While many bands cling to their “signature sound” like a baby to a warm blanket, it takes a band lik
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In the world of melodic death metal, you'd be hard pressed to find a more influential band than Arch
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Furthering the discussion of The Tone Chain, caught up with Steve Blucher of DiMarzio to
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Fender is arguably the most widely known guitar brand in the world.
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In constant pursuit of that ever evasive tone, we're speaking with musicians, manufacturers, invento
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With all the Wiki pages, Google Searchs, About pages and other aggregators of information on the web
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It was 1996 and Cake had gone the distance, into the loving arms of alternative rock stardom.
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Formed in 1981, Soul Asylum emerged from the streets of Minneapolis into the mainstream spotlight in
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The Dropkick Murphys are a working man’s band.
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They are Motorhead and they play rock and roll.
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We live in a very interesting time in the music industry.
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Paul Gilbert is a busy man, a very busy man indeed.
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Anyone who has dabbled in the world of punk rock music has undoubtably heard of Social Distortion an
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The live performance is the lifeblood of the music industry.
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In 2001, Collective Soul fired their longtime guitarist, Ross Childress, and the band’s guitar tech
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Recently, caught up with Martin Mendez of Opeth.
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A more interesting, guitar-centric tale you're not likely to hear anytime soon.
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10 Questions With Audley FreedGuitarist Audley Freed’s eclectic career runs from the classic rock st
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In a world where everything is amazing and nobody's happy, I was very happy when I was told I'd be i
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Few guitarists can boast the career highlights that Bruce Kulick can.
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TEN QUESTIONS WITH SCOTT MCKEON In an era where “Pop” music is too-often defined by the histrio
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Rock Guitar icon Peter Frampton’s new album starts with the title track, a musical homage to British
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 We've all heard the phrase "To be or not to be." That famous Shakespearian line demonstrates s
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 First you hear the guitar -- a kind of funky, blues-derived rock, simultaneously raw and melod
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 In 2002, Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson called it quits.
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You don't often hear KISS and Miles Davis mentioned in the same conversation, unless it's Alex Skoln