InterviewsInterview With Richard On Of O.A.R.
If you were to write one of those classic screenplays for a sappy TV movie, not the kind that repeat
InterviewsAn Interview iwth Adrian Legg
Awards don't always tell the story, but they can help put things in perspective.
InterviewsJacques Stotzem Interview
Belgium is known the world around for it's truly extraordinary chocolates, it's stunning architectur
InterviewsA Conversation with Pat Metheny
One quiet night, Pat Metheny sat down after an exhaustive day of production-related chores that woul
InterviewsA Conversation with Richard Leo Johnson
On his 1999 solo guitar album Fingertip Ship (Metro Blue/Blue Note), self-taught fret-master Richard
InterviewsMatthew Garrison Interview
 \Through the '90s, bassist Matthew Garrison established a reputation in jazz circles after hit
InterviewsDuncan Sheik Interview
 Critics hailed Duncan Sheiks 1996 debut as defiant, beautiful, and benevolent of spirit.
InterviewsDisturbed: Dan Donegan Interview
Disturbed has had a pretty fine ride for the past year-and-a-half.
InterviewsA Conversation with Paul Reed Smith
One could argue that Paul Reed Smith has become the name in guitars.True, Fender and Gibson are name
InterviewsThe Evolution of the Scrungch Tim Mahoney of 311
I know. It sounds like a really good reason to take a bath.
Interviews10 Questions: Kyle Gass of Tenacious D
 Welcome to the new!
InterviewsA Legend is Born: Eddie Van Halen's First Interview
Over the years, Eddie Van Halen has called this conversation "my first major interview." It took pla
Interviews10 Questions: Chris From Less Than Jake
How many bands can you name that have been around for more than five years? Seven years?
InterviewsAn Interview with Mato Nanji of Indigenous
Now one of the very hottest blues-rock groups around, Indigenous was formed by four Nakota Sioux Nat
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Long considered the finest living interpreter of folk icon Woody Guthrie, Ramblin' Jack Elliott's de
RockWeighing in on Hendrix: Looking Back at Rock's Greatest...
Billy Gibbons is on the other end of the telephone, and there's a long, pensive moment of silence be
InterviewsCarl Perkins: Rockin' Rebel Invents Rock Guitar
He's been hailed as the "Father of Rockabilly," and rightfully so.
Interviews10 Questions with Richard Patrick of Filter
Guitarist/songwriter Richard Patrick and his band Filter are currently on the road in support of the
InterviewsAn Interview with Johnny A.
Chord melodies are some of the most intriguing and confounding beasts any guitarist will ever attemp
Interviews10 Questions with Chad Taylor
Being the lead guitarist in Live isn't like being the lead guitarist in Guns N' Roses.
InterviewsFastball - Tony Scalzo interview
One-hit-wonderitus is a syndrome that has destroyed countless bands.
InterviewsLong John Hunter Interview: Long Way from Juarez
Long John Hunter is one of those figures that offers all of us a ray of hope.
InterviewsBernard Allison Interview - Slip Slidin' Away
Most musicians would agree: Early musical influences can be, well, very influential.
Interviews10 Questions with Chad Ginsburg of CKY
 In a world where everyone feels overly compelled to label something, pigeon-hole it for no oth
InterviewsTonic- Jeff Russo Interview
Melody is all-important to the members of Tonic.
InterviewsAn Intimate Conversation with Sting
This year's lesson: don't take Sting for granted.Sure, he's been around long enough -- more than two
InterviewsAn Interview with Extreme's Gary Cherone
How can you forget "Extreme"? They were one of the most underrated bands of the '80s.
InterviewsBad Religion: Interview with Brian Baker & Greg Hetson
As celebrated guitar teams go, it's not exactly Keith Richards and Mick Taylor, or even Jeff Hannema
InterviewsAn Interview with Merle Haggard
When speaking of truly groundbreaking artists who helped define a musical genre, one can?t ignore th
InterviewsForeigner - Mick Jones Interview
For many, Foreigner epitomizes cheeseball '80s stadium rock.
InterviewsAn Interview with Robin Trower
Procol Harum's self-titled 1967 debut album featuring the hit "Conquistador," and more importantly,
InterviewsIron Maiden - Dave Murray Interview
Like any soccer team, you have to field the best players, and the players to best complement each ot
InterviewsAn Interview with King Crimson
 It's hard to imagine King Crimson playing the blues.
InterviewsRoger Waters: Breaking Down The Wall
Roger Waters -- once the chief songwriter in the band Pink Floyd and an erstwhile solo artist since