InterviewsAn Interview with Richie Havens
When Richie Havens was in grade school, his teacher noticed his exceptional musical ear and recommen
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When it comes to blues guitar playing, nearly everyone can do it, but only a handful of folks can do
InterviewsStu Hamm: The Bass Master Finds an Urban Groove
InterviewsChris Cornell: A Changed Man
Everyone knows Chris Cornell as the bare-chested, bellowing banshee from Soundgarden, whose high-pit
InterviewsXTC in Ecstasy, Tasting the Forbidden Fruit
Consummate songwriter Andy Partridge as smoking lead guitarist?
InterviewsJoe Walsh: Life's Been Good
 Throughout his career as a solo artist, session player, and member of the James Gang and Eagle
InterviewsA Name by any Other Tool: The Epic Clarity of A Perfect Circle
Tool fans may be antsy to hear new music from the band, but Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan isn't
InterviewsPrimus: Antipop, Pro-collaboration
Personality counts for a lot in the rock world.
InterviewsAn Interview with Zakk Wylde
 Zakk Wylde has played with a wide range of rock icons including Ozzy, Gregg Allman and the eve
InterviewsA Conversation with Angus Young
Angus Young ain't Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton, but there's a reason why a recent EBAY au
InterviewsAn Interview with Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys are often considered Brian Wilson's personal vehicle, as if every bit of the group's
InterviewsA Conversation with B.B. King
Warm and welcoming, B.B. King greets visitors with a wide grin and a firm handshake.
Interviews3 Doors Down - Chris Henderson Interview
 3 Doors Down hail from Escatapwa, Mississippi, just outside of Biloxi, which geographically pu
InterviewsRanting and Raving: Joe Satriani Interview Pt.2
The latest disc by guitar whiz Joe Satriani, Engines of Creation is both cutting edge and controvers
InterviewsFire up your Engines: Joe Satriani Interview
Lasers splashing off his chrome guitar, wrap-around shades imbuing his image with an otherworldly au
InterviewsAn Interview with Tom Dumont of No Doubt
Before No Doubt released their 1995 multi-platinum album Tragic Kingdom, the band would have been th
InterviewsReverend Horton Heat: Spending a Night in The Box
 If you're looking for Jim Heath, a.k.a.
InterviewsA Conversation with Dean Roland of Collective Soul
The guys in Collective Soul grew up and came together just outside of Atlanta.
InterviewsAlbert King and Johnny Copeland
Albert King: Big Blues RoyaltyMississippi-bred bluesman Albert King was as masterful a string bender
InterviewsStephan Jenkins interview - Third Eye Blind
Stephan Jenkins' obsession with his Triumph 955 motorcycle colors the music of Third Eye Blind's sec
InterviewsStevie Ray Vaughan Interview - The Real Deal
An astounding amalgam of Texas blues slinger, Lonnie Mack devotee and Hendrix stylist, Stevie Ray Va
InterviewsAn Interview with Howard Leese of Heart
You'd never guess the Nordic reserve of Seattle's Scandinavian ghetto could give rise to one of the
InterviewsDeftones - Stephen Carpenter Interview
Deftones roared out of Sacramento, California in 1995 with their debut album Adrenaline.
InterviewsPercolatin' Little Charlie Baty Bubbles Over
 Guitarist and bandleader Charlie Baty of Little Charlie & the Nightcats is one of those in
InterviewsFarm Boy: Trey Anastasio Sows the Fields of Phish
The first words you hear on the new Phish album are, "Welcome, this is our farmhouse," and you are i
InterviewsDavid Gilmour: Welcome to His Machine
David Gilmour's playing with Pink Floyd over the last 30 years has made him one of the most respecte
InterviewsBeck: Bleeding for Art
Coming to a town near you: Beck in his Midnight Vultures tour.
InterviewsAn Interview with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters
When it comes to guitarists, Foo Fighters have become something of an alt-rock Spinal Tap.
InterviewsReeves Gabrels: Scary Monsters and other Nasty Noises
Reeves Gabrels is one of the most daring rock-guitar improvisers since Jimi Hendrix - a fact that mo
InterviewsThe Guitar Insider: Limp Bizkit
Now that Limp Bizkit's popularity is soaring, guitarist Wes Borland is being hailed as one of the mo
InterviewsClarence White: A Byrd Who Truly Soared
On a cool summer evening in Lewiston, Maine, in 1948, 10-year-old Roland White is teaching his littl
InterviewsAn Interview with Carl Bell of Fuel
Since co-founding Fuel in the early '90s, Carl Bell has worn several hats: lead guitarist, chief son
InterviewsLes Paul: One Last Conversation
In honor of Les' passing a year ago (August 2009), we're reposting this interview from 2000.
InterviewsRandy Rhoads Interview: Flying High
I met Randy Rhoads for the first time on August 14, 1981, in the guitar warm-up room at the Nassau C
InterviewsCoal Chamber: Meegs Rascon Interview
The members of Coal Chamber are resting quietly at Larabee North, a studio in Universal City, CA, wh
InterviewsWho are You? Pete Townshend Opens Up
Pete Townshend, one of rock's greatest songwriters and most powerful guitarists, was undergoing a cr