InterviewsAn Interview with Carl Bell of Fuel
Since co-founding Fuel in the early '90s, Carl Bell has worn several hats: lead guitarist, chief son
InterviewsRandy Rhoads Interview: Flying High
I met Randy Rhoads for the first time on August 14, 1981, in the guitar warm-up room at the Nassau C
InterviewsCoal Chamber: Meegs Rascon Interview
The members of Coal Chamber are resting quietly at Larabee North, a studio in Universal City, CA, wh
InterviewsCharlie Hunter Interview - Two-Fisted Guitar Hero
Charlie Hunter has been working the jazz scene, or at least its fringes, for a few years now.
Interviews10 Questions with Wolf Marshall
Wolf Marshall's name has become synonymous with guitar education and has been so for the latter part
InterviewsInterview with Jason Stollsteimer and Marci Bolen of The Von Bondies
Detriot, Michigan, The Motor City, Motown - call it what you want but it has become an important pie
InterviewsInterview with Steve Prior - Jeff Beck’s Guitar Tech
Every wonder what it's like working for one of the guitar greats?
Interviews10 Questions with Todd Whitener – Tantric Hey Todd, how goes it?Todd Whitener: Not too bad, man.
InterviewsYes, Scott Spiezio of the Seattle Mariners Plays Guitar
 Scott Spiezio won the 2002 World Series while a member of the Anaheim Angels.
Interviews10 Questions with Kaki King - Album: Everybody Loves You
In a world where the genre of fingerstyle guitar is clearly dominated by male guitarists comes one K
Interviews10 Questions with Troy Van Leeuwen - Queens of the Stone Age
Whether you're familiar with his name or not, more than likely you've heard his exceptional guitar t
InterviewsMark Snyder - John Petrucci’s Main Man catches up with Mark Snyder, the man behind the curtain for Dream Theater's John Petrucci
InterviewsSteve Wilson- Stevie Ray Vaughan's Road Scholar
Steve Wilson got his start as a production assistant before hooking up with Stevie Ray Vaughan.
RockAn Interview with Mark Wood of Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Normally, we save this column for actors, athletes, and other noted celebrities that make their livi
InterviewsAn Interview with Sugar Ray Drummer, Stan Frazier
That's right, were doing an interview with a drummer.
InterviewsTECHnically Speaking with Michael Kaye
Introducing Michael Kaye - he has served as a touring technician for the past 30 years.
InterviewsT-Bone Walker Interview- Bad to the T-Bone
Few blues records were made during World War II.
InterviewsSteve Hackett Interview - Genesis Part 1
The creative core and instrumental dexterity of the original Genesis had much to do with guitarist S
InterviewsWe Speak with Buzz Feiten of Buzz Feiten Tuning System
I have been struggling for years with the tuning of my guitars. Have you?
InterviewsAn Interview with Ted Nugent
In the '70s, Nugent's relationship with his big hollow-body Gibson Birdland yielded some of his catc
InterviewsSteve Winwood Interview - Always A Guitar Player
Bring up the name Steve Winwood, and most music fans immediately think piano and organ, not to menti
InterviewsGene Parsons Talks About the B-Bender
Ever wonder who's the techno-mechanical brains behind those intriguing, tone-stretching B-Benders?
InterviewsInterview with Robby Krieger of The Doors
Nowadays, nihilism and disaffection are commonplace in guitar rock.
InterviewsTaproot - Looking a Gifthorse In The Mouth and Laughing All The Way
Most bands would be excited to hear from Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst.
InterviewsStevie Ray Vaughan - The Way We Were
It's hard to believe now, but in his lifetime Stevie Ray Vaughan was an underdog.
InterviewsSteve Vai Interview: Totally Vai-able
Steve Vai is an artist who needs little introduction.
InterviewsAn Interview with Yngwie Malmsteen
Regarded as one of the very best players to emerge from the 80's, Yngwie Malmsteen raised the bar fo
InterviewsKing of the Blues- A Conversation with B.B. King
Go ahead and try to keep up, few will ever be able to claim they could. Keep up with what, you ask?
InterviewsStereomud - Joey Z Interview
Though first-timers on the Jagermeister Tour, Stereomud are veterans of the nu-metal scene.
InterviewsTool - Aenima Magnetism
The alternative misfits in Tool are masters of mood and expression.
InterviewsString Cheese Incident - The Bill Nershi Interview
Bluegrass and jam bands kind of go together, thanks to the influences and influential shadow of Jerr
InterviewsAn Interview with Mike Rutherford of Genesis Part 2
Although he's known for playing bass guitar in Genesis, Mike Rutherford contributed many guitar pass
InterviewsAn Interview with Tom Scholz of Boston
Tom Scholz -- the guitarist, producer, chief songwriter and all-around leader of the band Boston --
InterviewsInterviews with Waborita's Vic Johnson and Mona
My association with rippin' guitarist Vic Johnson and slammin' bassist Mona, members of Sammy Hagar'
InterviewsAn Interview with Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers
Between 1972 and well into the 1980's, the Doobie Brothers were indeed a ubiquitous presence on both
InterviewsWayne Kramer and the MC5 - Still Kickin'
Kramer, of course, was part of the MC5, the flying fist of sound that punched its way out of the Mot