InterviewsKim Thayil - Beyond Soundgarden
During Soundgarden's 12-year run guitarist Kim Thayil and his compadres - Chris Cornell, Matt Camero
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In the early 80's, when new wave was starting to sound pretty old, some musicians opted for a more r
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Kittie began innocently enough in 1997, when four high school girls decided to pick up instruments a
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It's hard to tell whether Limp Bizkit are the luckiest, the most opportunistic or the best new band
InterviewsKenny Burrell Interview - Mr. Masterful
Jazz guitar history is largely dominated by a handful of players.
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As far as the patrons of a Windy City watering hole called Rosas Lounge are concerned, there are rea
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On his new album, Play, Herculean jazzbo guitarist Mike Stern drops his guard to banter with two of
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Lenny Kravitz's 1989 debut, Let Love Rule, was an artful blend of musical tastes that tasted great t
RockMarvelous 3 - Freed from the shackles of Indie Rock
"I used to be a gear junkie and have NASA behind me," says Marvelous 3 guitarist Butch Walker.
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An 18-year old with a screaming Telecaster and a sweet melodic voice, Jonny Lang currently weighs in
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Acclaimed for her exceptional technique and sense of melody, Mimi Fox is undoubtedly one of the very
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With the release of Keith Richards new book "Life" -we're reposting this great interview with Keith
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Pat Metheny is known to many as the quintessential jazz-lite band leader of the 80s and 90s.
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To give you some idea how busy Jimmie's Chicken Shack have been these days, well, just know that the
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Hot guitar pickers have flocked to Nashville by the thousands - if not tens of thousands - over the
InterviewsJohn 5 Interview - Marilyn Manson's Dirty Little Secret
Controversy follows certain rock stars like a bad smell follows a skunk. Go ask Alice Cooper.
InterviewsMighty Mighty Bosstones - Nate Albert's Best and Last
Nate Albert has had the same job since he was 13: playing guitar for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
RockJimi Hendrix - Remembering Hendrix
His legacy is virtually unparalleled.
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In the mid 80's, Joe Satriani was one of the first primarily instrumental rock artists to break thro
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Dave Navarro is currently on rock 'n' roll's MIA list, but even if we never hear from him again -- w
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One of the most innovative guitarists of the past 20 years, Bill Frisell has been documented in an a
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Drowning Pool has faced one of the hardest tests a group can ever be put through.
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They sing about crank calls, taking dumps and being dumped, but San Diego, California band Blink 182
InterviewsBuckcherry - Cherry Picking, Turn up, Lit Up, and Turned On
Buckcherry's second hit single, "For The Movies," might be the one that sends this raucous LA lineup
InterviewsBuckcherry - Keith Nelson interview
 Ahhh, the road. Touring. On the road again. Road Trip! Sounds like heaven, don't it?
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Creed are the kind of band that could put the rock journalism profession out of business.
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Born down in Dallas, raised on the rock 'n' roll road.
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Sometimes it only takes one measly break to get your act off the ground. Just ask Godsmack.
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Whether or not you recognize his name, Brent Rowan is one of the most recorded guitar players in the
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A couple of friends get together in a home studio and lay down some tracks for kicks, reworking the
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During the most recent World Guitar Congress held in Towson, Maryland, we caught up with one of our
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Many rock guitarists have a secret passion for symphony orchestras, especially those playing more bo
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Eric Johnson has turned over a new leaf.
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If you check out Buddy Guy in concert, don't be surprised if he ends up standing in an aisle next to
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As one of the last in a distinguished line of artists who put in time with Miles Davis, John Scofiel