ColumnsIt’s called gaff, gaffer, gaff, gaffa and even duct tape
It’s called gaff, gaffer tape, gaff tape, gaffa tape and even mistakenly referred to as (shriek) duc
VideoGuitar Lesson with Andy Wood
Andy Wood gives a lesson from the lounge at Blackbird studios where he was finishing up the new Dow
VideoMad About Modes: Part IV - Mixolydian Video Recap
Let's try to recap all that we've learned about the Mixolydian mode.
ColumnsThe Efficient Guitarist - Part I - Mad About Modes
I’m mad. I’m mad because modes are greatly misunderstood. I’m mad because modes are amazing.
VideoSteve Morse Guitar Lesson
Improve your harmonics, your tone and technique with a slammin' video guitar lesson with Guitar Mast
VideoAudley Freed on Rock Rhythm Guitar
Audley Freed gives the I-IV change a workout on this clip.
VideoPlanet Waves Humidipak
Planet Waves Humidipak
VideoTexas Shuffle Lesson Part 1
True Fire Presents - How to Play a Texas Shuffle, Part 1
VideoMuriel Anderson Guitar Lesson - Part 2 of 3
This is Part 2 in a three-part series of lessons with Finger-stylist, Muriel Anderson.
VideoStrum Patterns 2 - Guitar University Lesson 3
Guitar University - Drilling deeper into Strum Patterns 2
InterviewsA Conversation with Roy Rogers
The San Francisco Bay area has long harbored a healthy blues scene, due in part to the open-minded h
ColumnsAlternate Picking 101: Let's Get Picky
We guitarists often spend so much time trying to learn the intricacies of fretting technique that ye
InterviewsRandy Rhoads Interview: Flying High
I met Randy Rhoads for the first time on August 14, 1981, in the guitar warm-up room at the Nassau C
ColumnsTips & Tricks for Great Acoustic Tracks Building Powerful Parts
Some people are still under the impression that an acoustic guitar is just for folkies and old fogie
ColumnsPreparing for the Gig
Few feelings rival the exhilaration of performing music for a live audience, but don't think that su
ColumnsThe Five Basic Chord Shapes, Part 2
The E Shape Played as MinorAgain, this is probably one of the first chord shapes you ever learned.
ColumnsThe Five Basic Chord Shapes
There are many thousands of chord shapes that can be played on the guitar.
ColumnsScales Are Everywhere, Know ’em or Not
We've all heard some local hotshot guitar player say something like, "Scales?
ColumnsBuilding 7th & 9th Chords
If you read and understood my column titled Understanding Chords, Part 1: Major and Minor Chords you
ColumnsLeft Hand Exercises Part 2
YEAH, BABY! There's nothing like a good workout to get yer motor runnin'.
ColumnsLeft Of Center - How NOT To Play Slide
So you wanna be a rock star!Oops, wrong article.
ColumnsSlide Guitar 101: Seven Secrets for Beginners
Well never know the identity of the first guitarist to take a bone or a polished stone and slide it
ColumnsAn Introduction to Open-E Tuning
Whenever I get stuck in a songwriting rut I bust out a new tuning. Gets me going every time.
ColumnsExpanding The Five Basic Chord Shapes
In my last column, I explained the five basic chord shapes.
ColumnsBuilding Major and Minor Chords
Hey you! Stop fumbling around on the guitar like a chimpanzee with a jigsaw puzzle. University - Lesson 3
At this point, you should know how to hold the guitar, proper left and right-hand position placement