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Mikey Ponsford

(Male, 46 years old)
Portsmouth Uk, United Kingdom

Playing Level: Beginner

Electric Guitar

Blues, Metal, Punk, Reggae, Rock

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Hi i'm Mikey i have been practicing the electric guitar for around 18 months now and still loving every minute off it. the reason for starting to play the guitar was my guitar hero Angus Young from AC/DC and Dave Gilmore from Pink Floyd.
i first picked up a guitar when i was around 9 years old my dad gave this plastic guitar with steel stings for Christmas, then at 16 years old i bought my own guitar but as a teen i really wasn't that comminted to learning so i did stop for over ten years.
one day a friend bought himself a electric guitar but he wasn't that comminted to it so i bought the set up off him, So then because of money problems i sold it to someone else.
now in my forties a friend got me into playing again and wanted me to join his band but was only going to give a sort time to learn so i told him that it was best at this time i shouldn't join his band.
My main music i love is ska but i do love rock, delta blues, heavy rock as well. now i have a Gibson SG special faded worn Cherry it is my prize right now i've always wanted a Gibson SG but also i would like a Fender Sratocaster an all black one like Dave Gilmore's.

The reason why I wanted a Gibson SG special is it has a raw sound..!!! i don't like this digital age now i perfer the old fashion sound of them glass velves amps which i think makes the sound of your instrument true like an old 12" record. And the reason for the Fender well...!!!! if you have a Gibson a Fender strat is a must.

The record labels i look out for are Trojan, Blue beat, stiff and 2Tone, however i do look out for Rock, Metal, Punk as well as the stuff above. bands included are:-

Jimmy Cliff,
Toot & the Maytals,
Desmond Dekker,
John Holt.
Bad Manners,
The Specials,
Iron Maiden,
Led Zeppelin,
Pink Floyd,
Robert Johnson,
Willie Brown.

Before i had the Gibson i brought a practice guitar which was a startcaster made by Fender just to see if i'll keep the practicing on the guitar. This startcaster made by Fender is made in China it came with an amp stand, strap and Electric tuner, the guitar itself is not that bad really but the little things let it down, like the frets have been squeezed so hard down on the fingerboard they have damaged the rosewood and the paint is so thin you can see the wood grain under the paint and last the 1st E string sounds dead. So if you ever see one think twice and try it out first before you buy.

So now i'm not seeing my brothers any more i can practice like mad and just get on with it, songs i have learnt already are :- Stairway to Heaven, Paranoid, 20th century boy and i've made my own song so i called it why did you have to go?, also i think i've made up my own scale but not sure if it's an actual or not so i play with it anywere on the fingerboard.

well there is not much more i can tell you i i'll leave it here.
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