Working on my first album... jazz fusion 21 themes. on Jun 19 2012 at 7:53pm

(Male, 50 years old)
Cancun, Mexico

Playing Level: Intermediate

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Piano & Keyboards

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Occupation:Guitar Player & Composer

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Songwriter, Guitarist, Soundtrack/Composer, Studio Musician, Professional Bassist, Guitar Tech, Performer, Luthier/Builder

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Born in 1964 in Mexico City in a frame of a family of musicians, I learned to play guitar seeing my brothers playing bossa nova near 1970 and start playing at the age of 12 in the begining of secondary school. Al the time watching and learning to express feelings and writing songs.

At the age of 18 years old taken my first lesson of music theory and "solfeo" notation. Studied only for 6 months. I left the course but several reasons but not my love for music at all.

At the age of 20 years I made a presentation singing and playin my spanish guitar in a theatre of 300 people invited by myself one by one, people who knew me, family and friends, teachers, girlfriends (ja,ja), some other friends of friends. I performed a list of songs combined, songs made by myself and from other mexican and cuban composers.

My first thought was to be a pianist but economical reasons didn´t allow me to do so, a piano was too expensive for us that time... near 1990 I bought my first keyboard.

All the time between those years I participated in several projects, bands, churches. playing guitar, bass guitar and piano... Music is in my soul as a gift of God and I praise him with my songs.

My first production was "Mensajero del Amor" (Messenger of Love) made with piano and voice, with no commercial purposes only share my personal experience with God.

Through the years I composed and organize my ideas (difficult thing!!!) and now I have a project of 21 instrumental songs originaly inspired in my piano and lately turning to 6 strings bass guitar and at last turned to guitar. This one as a soloist instrument.

I´m am woking on my small studio in Cancun, trying to get a good quality sound unless for a dummy.

I want to spend my last years playing my music. I will try hard.

Until then... blessings


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