Scott Jones

(48 years old)
United States

Playing Level: Professional

Guitar, Bass, Drums

Film & Television, Jazz, Rock, Standards, Prog Page:

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I currently compose music for use in films, film trailers, video games and other media.

Lessons via Skype are now available. Message me here, and we'll go from there. Peace.

I'm available for live gigs in any style, tracked guitar parts, lead sheets, horn parts, string parts, full orchestrations, seminars.


I'm a full time professional guitarist, composer, arranger based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

I spent years at Grace Church in St Louis as Band Director, Guitarist and arranger. My work for them continued as lead arranger on Drummer Boy (Grace's annual Christmas event drawing thousands), after leaving my full-time position. I now have settled into composing a couple of pieces for the show each year.

Here's a video of one of my arrangements/orchestrations in performance, from the 2008 show:

A letter of recommendation from a superior at Grace:

I am a private music instructor, teaching at Fazio's in Ellisville. Some of my students through the years have gone on to pursue their studies in Contemporary Commercial Composition at Berklee; become the Principle Bassist for the New World Symphony in Miami; and become movers in the Music Industry.

I currently play guitar with the UltraViolets, and have played with Greg Worzel (Rhythm of the Nite), Heather Dawn, Boom, Ralph Butler, Broadway Rhythm, Mojo Syndrome, Stacy Johnson, Charles Glenn, the Bosman Twins, Butch Thomas, Collage and Christina Nichols.

My debut C.D. Freedom, made the Grammy finalists list for Best Contemporary Jazz Release in 2004, and received critical acclaim, including getting onto the Grammy finalist for nomination list for Best Contemporary Jazz Album in 2003.

I played all the guitar and did all the programming and sequencing of every instrument on Freedom, except on "Convergence" and "Chaos Theory" where I played acoustic drums also. More about the process here:

My next release, Convergence, set for release sometime in the next 1000 years, has a lineup of legends backing him up...(really)

I was featured in the Oct. 2005 Guitar Player magazine, an international publication with a history of 40 years, I was named one of the world's top ten undiscovered guitarists by the editors of the magazine. 10 finalists were chosen by the editors of GP magazine, out of 3000 submissions from all over the world.

Although my main focus has been jazz and fusion, I strive to be widely diverse, playing everything from rock to blues to pop to country, contemporary worship, punk (really), gospel and has written and arranged every style in contemporary music.

My orchestral compositions draw influence from John Williams, Bear McCreary, Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer and mix in the more industrial textures of Trent Reznor. These combined elements put my work for big theatrical shows in high demand.

You can find my current C.D. "Freedom" on iTunes.

In the interest of proliferation of my art, I offer nearly 200 tracks for free download on soundcloud. If you can, PLEASE use the donate link BELOW to keep the music coming! Thank you SO much, in advance!! Scott
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