Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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“I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I’m not surprised...

The LA-based musician on her brother’s influence, not pursuing an ordinary career and writing over 500 songs for her debut release.


Review: Kemper Profiler Stage

Kemper has changed the game for gigging guitarists once already. Can packing its Profiling technology into a roadworthy floor unit repeat the trick?
Eastman T484

Review: Eastman T484

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Learn the secrets of staying and playing in tune

All the tips and tricks you’ll need to get in tune and stay there.

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15 best electric guitars under $500

Our guide to 15 of the best guitars you can buy for under 500 bucks.

Bass Guitars

Duesenberg’s Triton is a three-pickup, long-scale bass guitar

The long-scale bass arrives in sleek Gold Top and Black finishes.


The new Ananashead Range Booster is based on the Dallas Rangemaster

Modelled after the 1966 Dallas Rangemaster circuit.
kemper profiler stage

Review: Kemper Profiler Stage


Ask The Amp Guy: What is impedance, and how does it...

An oft-misunderstood subject, explained in simple terms.