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PRS Satin Quilt Stealth

PRS Guitars releases limited edition SE Satin Quilt “Stealth” guitars

Eight guitars from PRS’s SE series earn a new all-dark finish.
RockBoard Cinque 5.4

RockBoard updates its pedalboards for 2018

RockBoard’s updated series features seven models that boast enhanced durability, user-friendliness and versatility.
Fender California series

Fender releases video demos of California Series acoustics

Details were announced at NAMM, but Fender has officially released the series and dropped three in-depth video demos.
Acoustic A15V

Acoustic releases the A15V amplifier

The new amp sports an XLR input, a 'wedge'-shaped cabinet design, and an in-built analog chorus, among other features.
Lindy Fralin P-90 Alnico Rod

Lindy Fralin Pickups unveils Hum-Cancelling P-90s with Alnico Rods

Alnico magnets are used in these P-90s, adding a Fender-style 'sparkle' to their impressive tonal palette.
Teye Gypsy Queen with Lollar Gold Foils

Teye Guitars updates Gypsy Queen series

The new guitars come in a variety of pickup configurations and majestic finishes.
Dwarfcraft ghost fax phaser pedal

The Ghost Fax is no ordinary phaser pedal

Dwarfcraft Devices takes a regular phaser and tinkers with every little detail to build this out-of-the-world sonic device.




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