Friday, November 15, 2019

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Keith Urban on Dumbles, unsung guitar heroes and why digital amps...

The country icon lifts the lid on his vintage gear collection, his friendship with Alexander Dumble, and why there are days when he hates his ’64 Strat.


Review: MXR Clone Looper

MXR returns with a compact, user-friendly looper pedal offering exceptional sound quality.

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Acoustic Guitars

Gibson partners with Guitars For Vets to support U.S. military veterans

The American manufacturer gives back to returning veterans as part of its Gibson Gives mission.

Electric Guitars

Bass Guitars

Fender unveils signature guitars for Silent Siren

The two pastel axes are currently only available in Japan.


10 best tremolo pedals to buy in 2019

Here are four of the top tremolos that we believe are worthy of your attention.


Ask The Amp Tech: Is it safe to plug 6L6 valves...

In the latest instalment of his amp-advice column, Rift mainman Chris Fantana deals with the hot topic of bottle swapping.

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