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Bill Collings Tribute AT 16

Collings Guitars honors its founder with a special edition AT 16

The master luthier gets a fitting tribute in the form of a beautiful acoustic archtop guitar.
Framus Masterbuilt William DuVall Talisman Signature

Framus releases two William DuVall signature guitars

The Alice in Chains guitarist gets a pair of signature Talismans.
BluGuitar TwinCab

BluGuitar announces lightweight 2×12 cabinet

The TwinCab yields different tones depending on its physical orientation.
Benson Amps Preamp

Benson Amps launches versatile preamp stompbox

The Benson Preamp can be used as an EQ, drive unit, boost or buffer.
Misha Mansoor Periphery Jackson Guitars

Watch Misha Mansoor demo his new Jackson signatures

The Periphery guitarist gives the low-down on the new Jackson USA Signature Juggernaut models.
Acoustic guitar strumming

Music Composition for Beginners 4: Popular chord progressions

How chords color their progressions, and four iconic examples from pop music.
NoTone Amplification SE50

NoTone Amplification drops SE50 series of tube amps

Pick between American- and British-voiced units.




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