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Fender Offset Telecaster FSR Ocean Turquoise

Fender releases the (very) limited edition Offset Telecaster FSR

The Telecaster-Jazzmaster hybrid is back, but only 50 of 'em will be made.
rocktron valvesonic plexi preamp

Rocktron’s new rackmount preamp replicates iconic British tones

The ValveSonic Plexi is ideal for those who want some of that British crunch.
Old Blood Noise Flatlight Flanger pedal

Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ new pedal is a three-fer

The stompbox is a flanger, echo and pitch-shifter rolled into one.
Bng Guitars Prototype Amp

Vintage tube amps inspire B&G Guitars’ new Prototype

The Prototype Amp is a gorgeous, all-tube monster that even sports NOS capacitors.
Morley Mini Pedals Power Wah Volume Maverick Switchless Wah Volume Plus

Morley introduces three new Mini pedals

The smaller versions of the Maverick Wah, Power Wah Volume and Volume Plus will save you precious pedalboard real estate.




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