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Bng Guitars Prototype Amp

Vintage tube amps inspire B&G Guitars’ new Prototype

The Prototype Amp is a gorgeous, all-tube monster that even sports NOS capacitors.
Morley Mini Pedals Power Wah Volume Maverick Switchless Wah Volume Plus

Morley introduces three new Mini pedals

The smaller versions of the Maverick Wah, Power Wah Volume and Volume Plus will save you precious pedalboard real estate.
How to find notes on fretboard

Beginner Music Theory: Finding your way across the fretboard

Learning how to identify the notes on a guitar is like having a map of a city you’re visiting—you shouldn’t do without one.
Fender Eric Johnson Signature Thinline Statocaster

Eric Johnson has a new Fender signature Strat

The musician's new signature model is also the first Fender Thinline Stratocaster with contours.
Wylde Audio Blood Eagle Nordic Ice

Wylde Audio unleashes the Blood Eagle

Zakk Wylde’s company throws down the gauntlet with a new axe that takes the classic Explorer shape and makes it even more metal.




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