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Artist Collection: Brian May’s AC30-powered Queen Backline Up Close

Granted exclusive access to Brian May’s stunning collection of Vox AC30s, G&B goes where no guitar mag has been before to find out what it takes to keep Brian’s amps operational on the road, why they’re now more reliable than ever and just why the Queen guitarist will never use anything else…

NAMM 2016: Vox announce AC30CH and AC15CH

Vox add two new amplifiers too their AC custom series, the Vox AC30CH and AC15CH as a set of head and cabinet. they also feature Vox's new reactive attenuator system.

Browne Amplification’s David Brown on how he came up with the pedal that’s appearing on pro boards all over the world

Quickly adopted by session players and pedal enthusiasts alike, the Browne Protein is now regarded as one of the best new overdrives. We talk to founder David Brown about the influence of broken AC30s and getting the pedal on tour with Bon Jovi.