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Premiere: Watch Joel Paterson’s rooftop performance of The Beatles’ Michelle

Guitarist Joel Paterson has released a video of his rooftop performance of the Beatles’ Michelle. You can watch it above. The performance features Alex Hall...
The Beatles Singles Collection

The Beatles announce ‘The Singles Collection’ vinyl box set

46 songs on 23 disks from the fab four.

“If you don’t want to be bigger than The Beatles, then it’s just a...

Punch-ups… booze… drugs… bare-faced arrogance… In 1994, Oasis came from nowhere and established the perfect credentials for rock ’n’ roll infamy. But behind the headlines, Noel Gallagher was fighting to prove himself the best songwriter of his generation.
Geoff Emerick Beatles

Geoff Emerick, the Beatles’ chief recording engineer, has died

His legacy includes ‘Revolver,’ ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club,’ ‘Abbey Road,’ and more.
Fender Alternate Reality Electric XII

Review: Fender Alternate Reality Electric XII

The Fender Electric XII might be the one 12-string design that’s cooler than a Rickenbacker. Now it’s back in this keenly priced incarnation from Baja California.

Graham Coxon gets dark and disturbing with She Knows

Graham Coxon has made another contribution to the Netflix series The End Of The F***ing World in the form of a new song, titled...
Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids on why they were inspired by Kanye to embrace their DIY...

The US indie-rockers on why they felt they had to evolve as a band, and the thinking behind their ambitious new trio of albums, New Age Norms.
Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr: “I never practise”

Starr spoke to Dave Grohl about a shared dislike of playing alone.
Luke Wood

Beats president Luke Wood’s life at rock’s cutting edge

The tech mogul talks guitar and gives us the inside track on working with some of the most talented songwriters of the last three decades – from Kurt Cobain to Elliott Smith and Phoebe Bridgers.
Great Grandpa Four of Arrows

How Great Grandpa pivoted from grunge to folky indie rock on new album Four...

Guitarist and songwriter Pat Goodwin talks the band’s new sonic direction, the “timelessness” of the acoustic guitar and his background in technical, experimental music.

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