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John Page

“The connectivity between the guitar and myself, that vibration is critical”: Famed luthier John Page

Aside from Leo himself, few names are more redolent of Fender’s history than that of John Page, whose work continued to flourish once he left the California guitar empire.

John Page Classic AJ Review

It has great pedigree, but will this twisted T-type wow us as much as John Page’s three-pickup model? Richard Purvis finds out.

John Page Classic Ashburn review

A boutique-style S-Type with a name that will be familiar to students of Fender’s recent history.

George Harrison and John Lennon’s fretless guitar sells for over £200,000

Despite the high price, it fell short of the initial estimate.

Jimmy Page says “there was going to be a tour” after 2007 reunion show

Jimmy Page says “there was going to be a tour” after 2007 reunion show

John Fogerty hits Donald Trump with cease-and-desist for using CCR’s Fortunate Son at rallies

"The fact that Mr. Trump also fans the flames of hatred, racism and fear while rewriting recent history, is even more reason to be troubled by his use of my song."

Listen: John Frusciante’s shares Brand E, the third single from his upcoming album

Frusciante’s latest solo album, Maya, is due out 23 October.

Memphis bluesman Reverend John Wilkins dies at 76

Wilkins' second and final solo album, Trouble, was released last month.