Thursday, November 14, 2019

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Nux Horseman mini OD

NUX’s Horseman is a two-in-one Klon Centaur tribute

Mini pedal is touted to deliver two legendary overdrive sounds.
J Rockett Archer Clean Color boost

J Rockett releases another Klon-inspired pedal

The new Archer Clean/Color Boost is, as its name suggests, a transparent boost that also lets you bump up the midrange.
Cup Nels Cline Yuka C Honda Spinning Creature album

Nels Cline of CUP breaks down four songs from their new album, Spinning Creature

The Wilco guitarist gives us an exhaustive picture of how his collaborative album with Yuka C. Honda was recorded.
overdrive pedals

20 best overdrive pedals to buy in 2019

Sing the blues, send your amp into raptures or unleash hell with these OD stompboxes that will find a home on any pedalboard.

15 of the best boutique effects brands to watch

You can’t move for high-end boutique effects pedals in 2019, but some stand out from the crowd – here’s our pick of the most interesting brands vying for your bucks.
John Mayer PRS Silver Sky

Revealed: John Mayer’s pedalboard

Highlights include Source Audio’s True Spring Reverb and a Strymon Volante.

Nik Azam of Ceriatone Amplification is not afraid of ruffling feathers

Britain and the US might traditionally be the homes of overdriven thermionics, but one maker in Malaysia has been satisfying countless guitarists’ quests for high-quality, hand-wired tone for a solid decade and a half. We talk to CeriaTone founder and proprietor Nik Azam to find out how it’s done…
sunn O))) interview

Sunn O))) trade dark for light on Life Metal

Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley talk Steve Albini, guitar rigs and the new album.
ibanez tube screamer

The top 20 effects of all time

We countdown the greatest FX units to have ever existed.
50 best pedals

The top 50 effects in the world today (Part One)

The best overdrive, distortion, boost, fuzz and compressor units in the marketplace...

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