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Tom Morello

“Surround yourself with people you view as better than yourself”: Dipswitch Demos’ Jackson Brooksby on humility, Tom Morello’s continuous influence and out-of-tune keyboards

Developed from his position as a session player, Jackson Brooksby took to YouTube to showcase the gear that helps aspiring guitarists to develop their careers, creating a revered channel with an endearingly loyal fanbase. Here, he discusses his secret love of country and how an A chord can tell you all you need to know about a guitar.

“I believe that the electric guitar has a future and not just a past” Tom Morello on embracing change on The Atlas Underground Flood

The Rage Against The Machine legend tells us why he’s happy to embrace his pop side, how his latest album demonstrates that the creative potential of the guitar is undimmed, and why he recorded his guitar parts on a voice memo.