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Tommy Emmanuel

Brothers In Arms: Tommy Emmanuel and Jerry Douglas discuss their partnership on the road

As the legendary guitar duo join forces on the road, we chat to them about tone, technique, online debates and their favourite things about each other’s playing.

“Once we got the sound right I got out my list of songs and ploughed through them!” Tommy Emmanuel on recording his new album

Emmanuel and Nashville studio ace Rory Rositas take us behind the scenes of the creation of Tommy’s forthcoming new double-album, The Best Of Tommysongs.

Larrivée relaunches in the UK with Tommy Emmanuel custom guitar

The acoustic guitar builder returns with a new distributor.

10 Top Tips: Tommy Emmanuel

The virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist has been playing professionally since the age of six and is one of only five people to have been awarded Chet Atkins’ Certified Guitar Player accolade. He shares his tips to become a better player.

Tommy Emmanuel, CGP—Live and Unleashed

This interview was originally published in 2014. Fingerstyle guitar was not where he started out, but it is as one of the world’s pre-eminent fingerpickers...

Epiphone releases the “Tommy Thayer Electric Blue Les Paul Outfit”

This is the Spaceman’s fourth signature collaboration with Epiphone.

Hitmakers: Tommy Tedesco 1960s ‘Stradivarius’ Fender Telecaster

The go-to guitar of the prolific Wrecking Crew sessionist.

How to practice like a pro

Andy Summers, George Lynch, Tommy Emmanuel and other guitarists share their practice routines.