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“Back in 2000 to 2005, what we would call a boutique pedal was different”: Pedal maker Brian Wampler on the ‘B-word’

Brian Wampler made the transition from garage workbench to custom manufacturing some time ago, and the artists lining up to declare their allegiance have helped make his effects mainstays of the market.

Wampler reshapes the modulation pedal with the Terraform

This could be the last modulation pedal you buy…

Wampler’s Tumnus Deluxe gets a Spooky makeover

The pedal features the same boutique overdrive circuitry in a black and orange enclosure.

Interview: Brian Wampler on why his new Terraform pedal is a step into a new world

Before NAMM 2019, we spoke to effects guru Brian Wampler about the company’s new Terraform multi-modulation pedal, his plans for the future, and why he’s never happy…

Wampler releases the Fuzztration

A do-it-all fuzzbox with an independent octave function.

Wampler drops new reverb and EQ pedals

Say hello to the Reflection and EQuator.

Review: J Rockett Archer Ikon, ThorpyFX Peacekeeper & Wampler Tumnus

No pain, low gain? We dip into one of the most flooded areas of the market and tries three leading contenders…

NAMM 2019: IK Multimedia adds 10 new models to AmpliTube

They include the Orange Dual Terror, Wampler Pinnacle Deluxe and more.