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Zvex Effects


ZVEX Effects announces limited run for Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

ZVEX Effects have decided commemorate Earth Day by releasing a collection of "nature-based" effects pedals, each with customised artwork.

ZVEX Effects’ Fuzz Factory now comes in a silicon version

The iconic boutique fuzz box now comes in a silicon, vertical version.

ZVEX Effects releases the Box of Rock Vertical

The JTM45-inspired overdrive pedal now comes in a pedalboard-friendly ‘portrait’ format.

ZVEX Effects releases the ’59 Sound Vertical

A new orientation for an old pedal makes it easier to recreate the tones of the iconic ’59 Fender Bassman.

Puzzle Effects unveils a new solution to pedalboard tetris

The modular solution is a quirky way of connecting multiple effects.

Boss launches the GT Pocket, a smartphone-sized multi-effects unit

Filled to the brim with effects, tools and tones.

“Freaky” ZVEX-inspired pedal on the way from Chase Bliss Audio

Joel Korte worked at ZVEX before forming Chase Bliss.

The GE300 Lite is the scaled-down edition of Mooer’s flagship multi-effects unit

This feature-packed pedal offers 164 effects, 108 digital amp models and an IR loader

Industry Insider: Fredric Effects reinterprets European and Soviet-era preamps into beloved pedals

Fredric Effects has developed a strong reputation for custom enclosures and artwork, alongside coveted sounds usually only heard in Soviet-era preamps and obscure European guitars.

Cooper FX releases cartridge-based multi-effects pedal, Arcades

In case your lo-fi effects weren’t retro enough.