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Rig Diagram: Scott Cortez, Loveliescrushing (1993)

From the archives: the guitars, amps and pedals of Scott Cortez, Loveliescrushing (1993)

Cort introduces the KX500 Etched, ready for players of heavy rock

It gets its name from the 3D, multi-layered exotic ash burl top

Cort reveals the A4 Ultra Ash bass

A premium edition of the A4 Plus.

Cort introduces the KX300 Etched, sporting a unique distressed finish

Cort has officially launched the KX300 Etched, after first revealing the guitar at NAMM. The most distinctive feature you’ll notice straight away is the finish,...

Cort announces the Gold-OC8 Nylon acoustic

The first classical model in its Gold Series.

Cort goes for gold with its new Limited Edition Gold Edge LE

With a focus of ergonomics, as well as premium looks.

Watch: Is the Cort X700 Duality the perfect prog-metal guitar?

Or, maybe for the jazz session musician with a thrash metal side project.

NAMM 2020: Neural DSP’s brand new Quad Cortex is powered by machine learning

The flagship Quad Cortex is a souped-up modeller and multi-effects floor unit.