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Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part 7: Left hand technique – Legato

In Lesson Six we talked about using our 12 bar blue pattern and integrating some picked notes from the Minor Pentatonic scale. Now that we’re familiar with some of the notes we can use, it’s time to look at some fretting hand techniques we can start to apply to enhance the notes we are playing.

Essential Blues Lessons Part 2: The shuffle

In the second part of our new tuition series designed to teach you how to become a better blues player from the ground up, we add some rhythmic flavour to the 12-bar blues chord progression that we learned in part one. Meet the blues shuffle…

Essential Blues Lessons Part 1: The 12-bar blues

Our brand-new tuition series will teach you how to become a better blues-guitar player, but you won’t get anywhere without an understanding of the basics. Join us as we teach you how to truly get to grips with that most essential of blues concepts: the 12-bar…