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kirk hammett

Gibson replicates Kirk Hammett’s “Greeny” ‘59 Les Paul

The one owned by Peter Green and Gary Moore.

Mrs Smith usurps Kirk Hammett as the ultimate wah-abuser

The shred guitarist stole the title at the Cry Baby Battle Royale

Kirk Hammett Vs. Mrs Smith: The wah-off of the century?

Ask not for whom the pedal wahs, it wahs for thee.

Kirk Hammett on Metallica’s Napster lawsuit: “We didn’t make a difference”

The guitarist remains optimistic about the future, though.

Kirk Hammett has a new EMG signature pickup set

The Kirk Hammett Bone Breaker humbuckers mark a shift in the Metallica guitarist’s tone aspirations.
00:33:20 Live: Kirk Fletcher goes deep into his blues influences, playing style and more

The Californian bluesman spoke to Michael Watts on the final day of the virtual guitar show.

Rig Diagram: Kirk Windstein, Down (2007)

From the archives: the guitars, amps and pedals of Kirk Windstein, Down (2007)