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Solar Guitars introduces two new signature models

Two metal guitarists join the brand’s roster.

Solar Guitars announces its first range of bolt-on models

Utilising an ergonomic five-bolt design.

Solar Guitars launches the V1.6 Artist

The open-pore, aggressive V-shape is available in black or red.

Solar Guitars unveils the A1.7D LTD and the A1.6D LTD

The Swedish Manufacturer's type A guitars now come in a natural aged / distressed finish.

Solar guitars adds two more models to the Type S Series

Solar Guitars has added two new models to its Type S line, the S1.6 Poplar Purple Burl and the S2.6FBL Flame Blue Matte.

Solar Guitars launches trio of Type G electrics

Sharp single-cuts for ear-piercing shreds.

Solar Guitars unleashes fearsome new axes

One’s a feature-packed eight-string and the other’s a baritone six-string.

Solar Guitars unveils two new seven-string axes

The E1.7FBB and V1.7FBB are designed for heavy riffs.